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5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

When you miss a day in run training, it’s not always the best to crank up the volume and try and pound a bunch of makeup miles and injure yourself for going too hard. Luckily, the only thing that blogging works out is the brain, the credit card and my typing muscles. Therefore, it’s about time I come back to the surface with a long-winded catch up after almost 2 months of 70-hour work weeks.

As I mentioned in my insta story today, I had every intention of doing at least an express top 5, but they never made it out of draft mode. Here’s as far as I got, before we get into this week’s new new lululemon.

Week of: Tuesday August 27

I got my top 5 picks in, but I failed hard on the Intro. So here they are.

Clockwise from Top Left:

I never got as far as the Dud, that plus a lack of intro tripped me up. Then I got distracted by tennis balls and responsibilities. One could argue I’m like a puppy.

Week of: Tuesday September 3

Last week, I hit the intro hard, and never quite made it past making my actual top 5 picks. Here’s the wordy part anyway:
September. SEPTEMBER. My IG feed is filling up with everyone’s kiddos going back to school, and I’m filling up with a decent bit of guilt about really allowing myself to drop the ball on blogging and fitness (aka my two favorite hobbies) over the last month. To August 2019 I say, GOOD RIDDANCE.

With the dawn of September, Labor Day Weekend, a new school year, my endless summer of work’s nearing the day where I FINALLY get a day off… this week I have an almost January amount of hope and ambition of righting the ship on everything. Today, Strava sent me a nice lil email showing me my stats for August, with the fine print under each stat sharing how each achievement was significantly less than July. THANKS, Strava.

Anyhow, I’m feeling hopeful and searching for a way to give myself a new kick in the pants and reinvigorate my dedication to running and maintaining my fitness overall, so I had an idea. I’ll share how I’m going to go about it soon! Let’s just say there’s a reason that I’ve been asking around on my social channels what type of GPS Tracking device/app all you runners out there have been using. 😚

If anyone is curious about the results, out of 109 people who replied:

50% Garmin
37% Apple Watch
11% FitBit
2% Other

August dragged yet flew, and it was a nice little HUZZAH to come to the realization that Tuesday evening was our first lululemon upload of the month. You all don’t need me to tell you that this means tons of new stuff. But here I am all Captain Obvious about it. Anyhow, it’s a new season and the cool weather vibe is upon us. So we’ve got neck warmers, gloves, and… leather-trimmed shopping totes?


Unrelated to anything else in this post: paper straws really weird me out.

Week of: Tuesday September 10

So… here we are now. Seeing that lulu mixes the most recent two weeks of uploads on the What’s New page, it’s time to pull 10 from there!

Favorite #1: Now and Always Crossbody ($128) in black

I did a double take when the bags first uploaded last week. Blink blink head scratch, did they really just make a cloth & leather version of their signature shopping totes? Yeah, they did. Among them was this crossbody, which looks a bit like the traditional shopper’s shape, but folded in half.

I am NOT a purse person at all. I spend my money on running shoes, not fancy handbags. I have been going between a Go Lightly Shoulder Bag and a Festival Bag II for the last few years, but sometimes the Go Lightly feels too big and it annoys the crap out of me when trying to find things in the abyss.

I really like the structure that the leather trim lends to this bag, and it doesn’t look to be so large that I can’t fit it into my backpack when I travel. This has been sitting in my cart for the last week and a half. I need to pull the damn trigger before it sells out.

Favorite #2: Outrun the Elements 1/2 Zip ($98) in Space Dye Camo White Silver Spoon

Ah, this the ‘season’ for Rulu run stuff! Last year was the first winter that I tried to keep running as long as there was no ice on the ground, and I found myself sorely lacking in the turtleneck/mock department.

Some of my favorite Rulu run tops have now held up for 4-5 years, so at least I can say that if you spring for one, the money will last you more than a season.

Favorite #3: Crescent Long Sleeve Cupro Rib ($78) in Intergalactic

I’m not fancy enough to know what a cupro rib is supposed to be. Without photos, how am I supposed to know if it’s a fabric or a sandwich special at the deli down the street?

Well, it’s some sort of luxe fabric in a flattering fit and in no shocking revelation, I want it. Intergalactic will TOTALLY brighten up my winter wardrobe.

Favorite #4: Align Pant 25″ *Petal ($118) in Night Diver

Since the Jogger Crops and the Shorts that I’ve gotten in the last month or so, I’m back on the Align train big time. CHOO to the CHOO.

Favorite #5: Aer Bodysuit ($128) *lululemon lab

I have absolutely nowhere in the history of anywhere to wear this bodysuit. While it’s an admittedly unrealistic piece for me to own, it looks s l e e k <3

Someone with a hot body out there who’s about to get married has GOT to be able to work this into a bachelorette party outfit.

Favorite #6: Pyrox Bra ($78) in Red October *lululemon lab

Here I go again loving on something that looks more like Carbon38 than it does lululemon. Practical? Probably not. Gorgeous? Hell yes.

Favorite #7: Fleece Flurry Jacket ($168) in Night Diver

It doesn’t feel like I need to use words to express how gorgeous this jacket is. I’mma sit back and let the photos speak for themselves.

Favorite #8: Brunswick Muscle Tank *Wash ($48) in Washed Purple Ink

I’ve met very few dark purple things that I didn’t like.

Favorite #9: Scuba Crew ($98) in Incognito Camo Multi Grey

I honestly can’t remember the last time I got a plain crew neck sweatshirt WITHOUT a hood on it.

So naturally now that I’ve come to this realization I feel like I need it, even though if I needed it I would have bought one within a recent enough time frame that I’d remember it. Am I making sense right now? Probably not. None of that was even grammatically coherent.

Favorite #10: Now and Always Tote *15L ($198) in Jacquard Camo Cotton Obsidian/Black

At first, I didn’t think I’d like them… but it’s been a week and I guess I like the fancied up tote thing, because I’m still trying to tell myself that NO I don’t need 2-3 of these bags in my shopping cart.

There are four colors to choose from, and while I’m listing the camo as *the* fave, I keep wishy washing between that one and the Carbon Dust/Black. I started digging the black/tan combo last year, and I already own a very nice plain leather tote that does NOT need replacing, or even competition in my wardrobe. Camo is different. Enter Camo. All know I love camo. Now do I need to run around town toting my crap in camo? Maybe 😀

Honorable Mention: Now and Always Tote *Mini ($148)

If you want to get in on the tote party but don’t want one so large, there’s also a mini version offered in five colourways – the same as above plus a blush pink.

Dud #1: Reykur Jumpsuit ($218) *lululemon lab

Let’s play a quick word association game. Lululemon says Reykur Jumpsuit, I see Rikers Island. Maybe I’m biased because I just spent almost a month less than 2 miles as the crow flies from Rikers.

I feel like making a joke about calling the Fashion Police, but with the whole Rikers thing, is that just low hanging fruit?

Dud #2: Make Miles Count Short Sleeve Silver ($68) in Space Dye Camo Plumful Smoky Blush

While the seams in the white silver spoon version blend in nicely, the contrasting dark thread on this one makes me go *eeks* a little bit every time I scroll by.

Dud #3: Always On High-Rise Washed Tight 28″ Everlux ($118) in Sky Wash Print Carbon Dust

I can’t just spend ALL my time pointing out “ugh all the androgynous lab stuff is so overpriced and boxy”, so I’m going with the “ugh it looks like these pants were white but then you went to a mud wrestling party in them” instead.

One (Ok So a Few) More Things

  • I can’t believe I’m seriously entertaining the thought of buying the Roam Far Wool 3-in-1 Jacket. All of my lululemon outwear has held up well over the years, and for the last 3 years I’ve told myself I need to buy a new wool coat because my old ‘dress’ coat is getting a bit ratty. But 548 beans is not cheap and I’m busy eyeballing a new watch for my birthday. Decisions must be made.
  • There’s a lower-priced Roam Far Wool Coat, but it isn’t a 3-in-1, it doesn’t cinch at the waist, and it reminds me a bit of the Cocoon Car Coat that NOBODY in the history of anybody liked.
  • I love Swiftly’s but the hooded zip one I own, I can’t say I wear incredibly often. What are everyone’s thoughts on the Swiftly Speed Hooded 1/2 Zip Water Resistant? Those last two words intrigue me.
  • The Simply Sleek 2-in-1 Tank deserves a shoutout for looking like a supportive go-to layering piece.
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  1. Hi! I MISSED YOU!!!! Glad to see this post pop up. Lots of nice colors so far this month, but nothing I needed. Can’t say that I love the new totes. I know a lot of people are excited about them, but they look like Lululemon shoppers with leather on the top. :/ Just not my thing. Hope that you have a moment to breathe with the slam of work winding down.

    1. Hiiiii! MISSED YOU TOO! 🙂

      I ended up ordering the heartthrob Swiftly and the Now and Always Crossbody after this post, and TBH I am for sure keeping the Swiftly but am considering a return on the bag. Not as IN LOVE with is as I thought I was going to be.

  2. Garmin all the way. Syncs to Strava as well. Most of my friends have the Vivoactive 3. I splurged for the Fenix 5s. Sister has the FR645. I’ve been a Garmin user for over 5 years and don’t plan to change.

    1. I’m pretty happy with my Forerunner 235, however, I am kicking myself for not getting a model with an altimeter built in. That will be my next go. Right now I admittedly log workouts in THREE (!!!) different apps: Garmin, TrainingPeaks and Strava, because they all have different features that I want/like/need.

  3. I’m training for the Portland, Maine marathon in 2 weeks and I have no business spending this kind of money… anyhoooooo… okay so I went hog wild and spent a shit ton of money on that upload. Here goes my list: Swiftly Speed Hooded 1/2 Zip Water Resistant (this is a beautiful run top), Simply Sleek 2-in-1 Tank, Now and always tote 15L for work and to fit all my work crap like Mac Air, Ipad, and run sneakers, now and always crossbody in black and pink, wunder puff jacket in black (i need another down jacket like I need a hole in my head but I had to!), Roam Far Wool 3-in-1 Jacket for work wear. I have to stop wearing my Canada Goose!

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