The Fitting Room: &Go ‘Til Dawn Dress


Am I the only one whose FACE feels it all day long when I’m tired? Even though I (somehow) woke up at 7:30a and have had a considerably productive day, I’ve felt like a walking zombie all day. So, if these photos you’re about to see make me look like a walking zombie, that’s why. I actually look and feel like a zombie today.

Anyhow, when Katelin first previewed the &Go ‘Til Dawn Dress on last week’s WWL, my interest was piqued. She previewed the deep dive white black/black, and I found myself liking the design with fingers crossed that it would upload in a solid color, like black.

My wish was granted, but lululemon unexpectedly one-upped themselves with not only this dress in black, but a fun pixelated digital nerdy pattern called mini domo pixel berry rumble black/black. Feeling adventurous, I scrapped my original intention to purchase solid black and went for the pattern that kind of makes me think of Christmas Tetris.

The Fitting Room: &Go ‘Til Dawn Dress

At first look, the dress looks familiar with the same high neckline as the Away Dress that came out in Spring 2015. I’m not sure about you, but while I liked the Away Dress, I was not comfortable buying a dress with midriff cutouts.

THE FIT: It’s a fitted top which flares to an A-Line at your natural waist (or 2 inches above it if you’re 5’9″ like me). It’s meant to be tight, so do not expect any extra room if you order TTS. I went with an 8, which is what lulu’s size chart says I should wear on my top half.

LENGTH: The skirt hits a few inches above the knee for me. For girls of normal height, it should still hit you about 2″ above your knees. Sometimes, I strike out with dresses that are meant to be short and flirty, given my height – but this time lulu kept us taller shoppers in mind and made sure there was enough length to protect us from indecent exposure while standing up. Still… be a lady and don’t bend over in this dress unless you’ve got shorts or leggings underneath.

POCKET SITUATION: While this doesn’t entirely ring true thanks to the fact that the product description said that the dress had pockets, I’m still gonna put this here to sum up how I feel about said pockets.


Yup! The ‘kangaroo poocket’ lingo led me to believe that they’d be connected, but there’s a seam down the front of the dress that divides them and keeps your stuff  from awkwardly drooping into the middle and making it look like you’re preggers with an iPhone.

FWIW, my iPhone 6 fit in the pockets with no issue. There’s also a mesh sub-pocket in the left one that you can nicely slide some cash or credit card/ID into. Lulu is totally right about the hands-free dance party. WIN

DETAILS: Another concern I’ve heard expressed is the transparent seam detail in front. It’s not as big of a deal as I thought it was going to be. I put the heathered slate Energy Bra under this so you could see in the photos below that while you can SORT OF see what’s underneath, it’s not a big deal. When I wore it out last night, I wore a normal bra that converted to a criss-cross pattern in back and nothing showed.

Also, the transparent seam pictured above only shows skin in front. It’s filled in with a small reflective stripe on the back so that the color of your bra doesn’t show through.

HEADS UP: The zipper isn’t fine-toothed, so it’s a bit of a challenge to pull up. Worth it, though. Once you get it high enough, the long pull in back (pictured below) lends an assist. Also, the zipper doesn’t go as far down in back as you’d expect, so if your bottom half is noticeably larger than your top, put this dress on from overhead instead of stepping in.


THE VERDICT: I wore the red one last night to a Christmas party at Mom’s house. I saw the black one in store and could not stop thinking about it overnight. I rolled out of bed at 8:00a today and snuck to the mall super early (thanks holiday hours!) to get the black one too. It can be worn layered up with pants and cardigans in the winter, but alone in the summer. Needless to say, I’ve fallen in love with this dress and want to wear it all the time.

Seriously. It’s got me looking happier than the ‘after’ photo in an ad for a weight loss program. Or even worse… a yogurt commercial. Thanks for making it to the end of yet another ramble, now head out and give the &Go ‘Til Dawn Dress a try for yourself! 🙂


  1. That looks fantastic on you!! I desperately wish it would look like that on me, but it was a good 3, maybe 4, inches below my knee 🙁 Not an item for us shorties but I will continue to admire it!! Cheers 🙂

    1. I’m 4’10” and they hemmed the dress exactly above the logo for me. My husband is one to turn up his nose to any dress at this price point but loved it enough to ask about the hemming and later suggested I also get the black in addition to the red. Trust me, that’s not typical so it’s worth a shot to ask your store if they’d do the same if you love the style.

      1. I have bought dresses from Lulu before and had them hemmed, but I just never liked the way it sat on me 🙁 It hits me at such different places that it irks me! I’m glad that you were able to snap it up, though 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you love it! It looks really nice on you. I tried it on in store yesterday and had an issue with it, which I think is tied to my height (5’6″): the seams in the front that come down toward the waist scratched me! It could have been an issue with the particular dress I tried, but it fit perfectly everywhere else except the edge of the mesh seaming down by the waist line dug into me. In the two minutes I wore it in the dressing room, I already had red scratch marks on my stomach. So no dress for me. 🙁 I’m guessing the seams lie nicer for you because you’re taller – so could be another reason this dress isn’t for us shorties.

  3. it looks amazing on you!!! i tried it on (holiday hours ftw) before work monday and its quite long on me – think almost a midi dress length. but im 5 foot nothing, so i kinda expected that.

    length is easier to fudge w/ shift dresses because i can just pull it up and slouch it about my midsection. defined waist dresses like this need hemming.

    1. Thanks! The only hiccup with hemming this one is that there’s an omega logo on the side of the skirt in the back. It would have to be magically removed or hemmed a bunch to hide it so it doesn’t look obviously altered.

      1. that’s what i thought too. eep. this dress might not be for me. ill try it on again when i brave the boxing day sales. but i just might end up getting the blue s/s &go dress. 🙂

  4. I did even care about this dress until I saw these pics- and now I’m dying to try one on! Do you mind sharing your bra size? I wear a 10 on top for CRBs and such, but I’m 36D and that sizes me out of most all lulu dresses

    1. No worries! I’m an average 34C. I take an 8 in most lulu tops. This dress is definitely fitted so if you’ve got more up top than I do, it may feel tight enough to try a size up, depending on your preference!

  5. Dress looks great and love any Lulu that I can wear to work too! For sizing, I got the same size as my tops (10) as 8 was snug. Thanks for the tip on the sale 🙂

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