WMTM Alert: 7/18/19 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

Here is where I usually yammer on with a fun little anecdote for the week, but I’m coming up short. I did, however, punch a 695/999 on the punching bag machine at the bar last night (yes, Wednesday). That was almost as hard as some of the guys. So, you could say I’m living my best reasonably entertaining life right now. Plus, I didn’t get injured. Hooray?

WMTM Alert: 7/18/19 Edition

Let’s try to make some sense and categorize things a little bit this week, eh?

Sports Bras

Tank Tops

Shirts & Jackets

  • I’m digging the bermuda teal/black blend on the Swiftly Speed Short Sleeve, along with its $49 price tag
  • I LOVE my Modern Stripe Heathered Black White Love Crew III to the moon and back. In fact, I wore it yesterday! It’s amazing, you should get one too.
  • Pastel or neon depending on the day and the light: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve *Breeze in elixir

Crops, Tights, Shorts, Pants, Etc.


Lunch breaks pass WAY TOO QUICKLY when you choose to blog straight through them. Gotta go love y’all bye – hope you found a few new gems this week! 🙂

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  1. I picked up the Utopia in the align crops. I love the floral print and was contemplating them at full price. I went with my larger align pant size to minimize fading.

    And a couple weeks ago, i found my size in the black picnic play dress on MD. I had it hemmed immediately, and picked it up last week. Holy flattering, as I knew it would be. I haven’t had the occasion to wear it yet, but can’t wait to rock it. I’m a CRB size 4, but a define jacket 6, and i got the 6. The 4 would’ve been too tight i think.

    1. There’s something about Utopia that makes me want to give it a go, but I know myself and don’t think I’ll end up wearing it that often.

      That’s AWESOME about the Picnic Play Dress – I love when random in store markdowns happen! Sounds like you need to find a reason for Fancy Friday ASAP 😁

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