WMTM Alert *Mini

lululemonWMTM Alert

Pardon the blog silence, it’s been an absolutely INSANE week at my full-time job. Hosting a multi day conference with overnights & activities takes WORK!

Thursday means new updates to lululemon’s We Made Too Much, and here’s what anyone really needs to know this week:


  1. I’m surprised to see pretty Jet Stream on MD. It’s in my cart, but I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. It’s so friggin’ hot in TX right now that it’s hard to think about buying a long sleeve top. It’s really pretty, but I will probably pass and might look for it even cheaper on Poshmark in a few months.

  2. Same here! I was at the outlet yesterday and the sweaters were all $49. I’ll probably be kicking myself come December for not grabbing the pretty cream one I saw, but I was all sweaty from being outside and I couldn’t do it! All the winter stuff was deeply discounted and was like…nope, show me the Love tanks!!

    That jet stream is SO pretty though.

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