WMTM Alert: 6/13/19 Edition

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Thursday Y U HERE SO FAST?! I did a totally bananas thing last night. I went to the mall and didn’t even WALK BY lululemon, much less go in. It’s a genius move to run errands after the gym because if I’m still sweaty and gross, I’m not going to try anything on.

Also bananas = the Haagen Dazs Banana Peanut Butter Chip Ice Cream I got on sale at the grocery store last night. Yum.

However… did I go to Athleta and pick up the coastal teal Momentum Skort and the hibiscus red Cloudlight Hybrid Tee (both on sale)? Yeah, I did. Low(er) prices are fun. Keeping in line with the discounted shopping theme of the last 24 hours… here are this week’s notable additions to lululemon’s We Made Too Much.

WMTM Alert: 6/13/19 Edition

  • Secret Socks are the best socks. Picking up a pair or two for $9 is a no-brainer, given that they hide so well in your shoes, nobody is going to see if they’re solid or polka dots anyway.
  • Always stoked to see my personal favorite run tank marked down: Sculpt Tank II
  • The Rain Rebel Jacket (now $159) would be perfect for an annoyingly rainy spring day. My long lululemon rain jacket is one of my most worn pieces. Despite the $89 price tag, don’t confuse this one for the City Stroll Jacket, which is a lightweight floppy tencel.
  • More personal favoritism! Surprised to see a neutral like grey sage make it to WMTM in the Fast & Free Crop II. Definitely a score IMHO.
  • Always a brightly colored idea I’m down with: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew, marked down in vintage pink. $49 for sizes 6-12.
  • I’m absolutely drooling over the deep marine Time to Sweat Tight and their $69 price tag.
  • Thinking about snapping up a Vinyasa Scarf *Crinkle, because not only is it $29, the black features gold buttons, which I could really use in my winter wardrobe.

EDIT: Thank you to Kate for super sleuthing and bringing this to my attention – shop the scarf with caution! A few reviews on lulu’s website indicate the Vinyasa in question has shipped with silver snaps, not gold. It may be best to see if you can hunt one down in person before committing.

Haven’t placed a WMTM order in a bit, but there are a few items begging for me to take ownership. Purple Pace Rival Skirt, black Vinyasa, DM Time to Sweat. I hear your siren song OKAY?!

EDIT: Of course after I hit ‘post’ we’ve got some random older items absolutely BURIED in the bottom of the desktop site…

Talk about #throwbackthursday.

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  1. I will probably buy the blue vinyasa scarf. I have the pinkish one already. Just a warning: the fabric definitely feels more summery to me, just not cozy like the normal ones I wear in the winter. And a bigger warning, given your reasoning to buy: two of the reviews mention that the black one does not have gold snaps as pictured.

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