WMTM Alert: 6/6/19 Edition

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To illustrate how little energy I have to come up with a witty intro, let’s just say my ‘dinner’ is an Rx Bar and a Truly hard seltzer in my hotel room while watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. So, let’s just gloss over how COOL I am and get right on to this week’s WMTM highlights.

WMTM Alert: 6/6/19 Edition

  • HOW in the world is the deep marine Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve in the mix?! It’s beautiful. I wear mine every laundry cycle. I consider this flattering gem tone a steal, even for $59.
  • I can ride a bike, but that doesn’t make me a cycling enthusiast. For those of you out there who have been eyeballing pieces of the annual cycling collection, the City to Summit Cycling Jacket is reasonably marked down to $129.

Side note: this cycling stuff makes me think of long time reader Shannon who’s currently kicking ass on two wheels all the way from San Francisco to LA for a fundraiser. She’s probably too busy riding to see this but GO SHANNON! My 13 mile run pales in comparison to what she’s taking on right now.

  • ANOTHER good deal! I’m a fan of both interconnect blue multi and jet stream blue, so to get both in the Choose a Side Short for $39 is kind of sort of an easy decision to make.
  • I’ve been a quiet fan of the Speed Up Crop fan for the last year, so I’m tempted to spring for the white. I then remember I can’t touch ANYTHING if I wear white. For those of you who are gutsy, they’re marked down in all sizes from 0-14. I’m going to see how my Athleta unicorn crops hold up before I get any crazier.
  • I knew the spicy red Mist Over Windbreaker was too good to be true. Sizes 0-2 only.
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  1. I jumped on the Swiftly in deep Marine based on your previous mention. I also grabbed the lemon define jacket I’ve been thinking about.

  2. I’m thinking about the interconnect/jet stream choose a side shorts. I bought some last year and liked them, but I can’t find them to check the size. I think I didn’t size up in these (as I normally would).

    Also, considering the jet stream swiftly breeze. Too matchy, matchy with my interconnect f&f’s or a kick-ass outfit? Hmm…

    1. Hi! Sorry for the lag in replies. Unfortunately I didn’t pick anything up when submarine was making the rounds, so I don’t have anything to grab off the shelf to make an IRL comparison.

      However, in switching tabs back and forth at the photos on Lulufanatics, deep marine is more of a blue with a green twinge, and submarine is definitely green.

      Submarine: https://www.lulufanatics.com/search/submarine
      Deep Marine: https://www.lulufanatics.com/search/deep%20marine

      Switch back & forth real fast and you’ll see what I mean!

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