5 Faves & a Dud: Lulu’s Got Lemons

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I’m doing life backwards this week. Last night, I kept refreshing wondering what was taking lululemon so long with this week’s upload. Oh, right… maybe the fact that it was Monday. Begrudgingly flew home from San Diego today and flipped on the Bachelorette when I got home. Maybe I’ll finally unscramble my week tomorrow. Probably not.

5 Faves & a Dud: 6/4/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Weave the Waves One Piece ($118) in LuluLemons White Multi

Lulu’s got legit lemons, y’all. Yet this time it’s not a lemon like a Dud lemon… it’s a lemon that’s like a cute piece of fruit that will look adorable on beach vacations all summer long.

An artsy fruit print is completely out of left field for lululemon’s general aesthetic, but I’d like one glass of this lemonade, please 😋🍋

Favorite #2: Speed Up Short Hi-Rise 2.5″ ($58) in black

Did I not say in my super mega shorts breakdown post last month how I liked the feel of my old school high-rise Speed Shorts the best?

I was all set to order a pair of the medium rise longer inseam Speed Ups, and now the unexpected high rise short shorts make their return. Lululemon’s toying with me real hard right now.

Favorite #3: Energetic Edge Cropped Tank ($68) in Light Chrome

This tank just sneaks on in there in a single color option. I think the angled bottom hem is quite flattering, and what you may not realize until you click through? It’s every SeaWheezer’s favorite word… REFLECTIVE 🤩

Kudos for including a key pocket in front. I have a three-step plan for this summer now:

  1. Get abs
  2. Get this tank
  3. Wear it

Favorite #4: Pace Rival Skirt ($68) in cyprus

Doing a happy dance because this skirt was also released in Tall this week. Cyprus is the kind of gem tone that looks good on everyone. I think.

Pale complexion with red hair? Cyprus looks good on you. Darker olive complexion with dark hair? Cyprus looks good on you. Fair blonde like me? I feel like cyprus is going to look good on me too.

Favorite #5: Here to Move Jacket ($198)

She’s rocking the look, I want the look, going to leave it at that.

The Dud: Cross It Off Tote 20L ($58) in Light Coral

There are many better things to spend your $58 on, like 58 frosties from Wendy’s, or a new pair of shorts. For that much money, I expect something a bit more structured.

I suppose one could make an argument that this could make a decent beach bag to go with the lemony swim set, but I’m going to say this one is a bit of a (flippity) flop. Literally.

The Fruit Basket & the Florist

Weave the Waves wasn’t the only lemony fresh swim piece tonight. On the heels of the newly released ribbed swim collection (the ribbed fabric IRL feels thick & luxe FYI) come four more juicy options. I’m still partial to the one-piece.

Once you pick up your new swimsuit from the produce aisle, head on to the floral department for reaonably-sized assortment of Utopia Multi. I generally am not too big on the florals, but I like this one more than most.

Oh Also This Fun Stuff Too

  • The Festival Shoulder Strap is two months too late. Prior to Coachella, this probably would have sold out hot. This gives me an idea though: Lululemon, please give us the option to mix & match Festival Bags! Nike lets us do it with shoes 😉
  • The cayenne All the Right Places Pant II looks spicy. See what I did there?
  • While the fabric looks thin, I like the look of the Soul Stride Tank from the front.
  • The new photos for the white Energy Bra are teasing Jet Stream Blue Fast & Free Shorts. Gah! Want.

First upload of the month, and we’ve got a few options – anyone snap up something new?

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  1. LOL – the Cross It Off Tote looks like it should be tied to stick and flung over my shoulder.

    I’ve seen lemon prints all over, but I’m not sure I’m digging this version. It’s giving me ‘grandma’s wallpaper’ vibes.

    I like the Energetic Edge Cropped Tank a lot, but I don’t like that it’s not also a bra. $68 for a tank plus I need to BMOB…no thanks. Well, maybe on WMTM.

    1. I was a bit on the fence about Grandma’s wallpaper as far as the swim goes, but that night I was feeling it! You make a good point about the BYOB. Until the 6-pack abs fairy comes on in and lends me a hand, I probably won’t be trying it on, much less picking it up. I seem to be stuck on Step 1 😂

  2. I like the floral print a lot, and may eventually get something. I haven’t liked any of their florals for a long time, so it’s nice to see one that I like. It reminds me a tiny bit of 2012/2013 Spring Has Sprung, which will go down as their best floral IMO.

    And I was the one that raved about the 4″ HH shorts a couple weeks back, but i recently tried on and bought the tracker V’s, and I’m a convert. The 4″ HH are great, but they are a little low in the back waistband, highlighting any muffin top you might have. The tracker V’s don’t do that and sit nicely high on the waist. In love and must find more colors 🙂

    1. I like the floral too, but perhaps I’ll get it in a F&F or In Movement. I liked the teal FTBM bra, but will wait until it makes it to the WMTM page.

    2. Spring has Sprung is pretty moody and awesome – I wish the lilac/pink was just a bit darker/more vibrant, and maybe I’d go for an out of character floral.

      The Hotty Hots ride pretty low on me, so I still haven’t gotten a pair. Still hoping lime pop makes it to different options in future uploads. Now that you say that about Trackers, I’m going to have to eyeball them next.

      Can you believe that of ALL THE LULU I’ve got, I’ve never even tried a pair of Trackers on?!

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