The Fitting Room: Lululemon’s Calypso, Stripes & Stuffs

Lululemon Athletica // La Jolla, CA

Another week, another city, a handful of free time (weather was too cloudy and lame for a hike at Torrey Pines), so where did I end up instead? Lululemon, duh. This week’s fun includes:

Calypso pink is seriously gorgeous in real life. It’s a slightly brighter Barbie pink than jewelled magenta. Not necessarily different enough to warrant buying another of an item you already own in JM, but if you missed out on something in a jewelled magenta run, calypso pink is going to make you just as happy.

Love Tank *Pleated ($38) in Calypso Pink

It looked rather roomy, so I went down a size on this and tried on a size 6. As you can see, there’s still plenty of room to spare. I really dig the color, but the fit wasn’t much for me to launch over the moon for, so while I like the color I didn’t think it warranted limited space in my suitcase home.

Brunswick Muscle Tank ($44) in Modern Stripe Heathered Black White

Call me Jack Sparrow because I’e gone overboard on this ever so simple pattern this summer. Not only could I not make my mind up between the Love Crew and the Tied Up Tank, I tried this tank on (sized down to a 6) and fell in love. So now I have three tops in the same striped fabric. Good job, Katy.

Essential Tank *Scallop Texture ($58) in Jubilee

So this one is shown in a TTS 8, and there’s simply too much shirt. Plus the fabric is far more sheer than I would think it to be given how it looks online. I’m wearing a black Energy Bra underneath, and it’s fairly obvious.

Hotty Hot Short II *Long ($58) in Jet Stream

I don’t own any Hotty Hots, so before ordering up the (online only) Lime Pop, I figured it would be a prudent move to at least try a pair first. Happy that I did.

The rise on the shorts was a bit lower than anticipated, and it didn’t feel right on me. 100% roomy and comfortable, but I’ll sit around with crossed fingers that Lime Pop will show up in other styles.

Fast and Free HR Short 6″ ($68) in Melanite

I have the black shorts at home, but given the whole ‘rush off to San Diego and race’ thing that’s been going on this weekend, I haven’t had time to shoot proper photos or work out in them yet. Here’s how they look on a size 10 human.

I’m hearing great things from women who’ve picked up a pair and I’m optimistic about their performance. I’m not optimistic about who I am as a person given the duckish face and thumbs up I felt the need to give in that second photo. I’m strange.

Train Times 7/8 Pant ($98) in Calypso Pink

I mean, having tried on enough red, magenta, pink, etc tights in the past, I knew it was a bit of a futile exercise to try these on and ‘test’ their sheerness, but I did it anyway. I had black on underneath and I didn’t even need to bend for them to be visible.

If you can’t resist the gorgeous color of these tights, make sure you wear either pink or nude underwear with them.

At the end of the morning, I took home the Brunswick and that was it. A relatively inexpensive visit.

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  1. You look great, and thanks for the review. I wanted to comment to say that I think it’s interesting that Lulu seems to have moved away from body diversity in their more recent product shots, including their swim landing page video. I felt like they were making an effort there for awhile, but now they’re back to almost exclusively very, very thin women. Less muscular or curvy figures on the site now. Have you noticed this?

    1. It seems as though there was an effort around the time the new year started, but since then the ethnic diversity is there, but aside from the one dark-haired model with the bangs, any size above 4 is not represented much, if at all.

      Can we just get someone in the middle? Typical models run around in their size 2’s, plus sizes are closer to a 12. Anyone ever think of getting someone who’s an 8?

  2. I ended up picking up the Fast and Free 6″ in Melanite and they were amazing on their 3 mile test run (didn’t get to test their gel holding capacity but my iPhone 8+ fits). Already thinking about getting them in black.

    1. I’m planning on sticking with just the black ones for now until I can get a few more sweat sessions in with them. They were happy to jog in, but I am still disappointed in how they rolled up on my one-mile sprint effort a couple weeks ago 🙁

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