5 Faves & a Dud: 5/28/19 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Pardon me, I’m a little bit jazzed as I begin drafting out this week’s post. Wanna know why? IT’S RACE WEEK, BABY! Running the San Diego Rock & Roll Half Marathon in just 5 short days. After coming down with a bit of a sore throat and unusual fatigue all last week, I was starting to get worried. I ended up cutting my last tempo run of this training cycle a couple miles short because my body was NOT having it.

The 100% unfiltered evening view from my cousin’s place. BRB moving to Seattle.

After a weekend working on the west coast, I rolled off the plane late Sunday night, sat on my porch consuming beer & gummy bears yesterday and now feel like myself again. Hopefully you all had an equally relaxing Memorial Day weekend with family & friends!

Last night I forgot The Bachelorette was on (it’s mind poison I know), because it felt like Sunday. Well, tonight my head is screwed back on straight and I am fully aware that it’s Tuesday. Usually lululemon waits for the first Tuesday of the month for a big drop, but IMHO tonight’s upload is coming in somewhat hot. Totally not a bad thing.

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/28/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Serene Stride Dress ($118) in black

Do you ever simply HAVE to have something despite not having a goddamn clue where and when you’re going to wear it? That’s this dress and I.

I will start pestering any and everyone I know this summer who knows how to swing a tennis racket to come out and play with me. Local friends, you’ve been warned.

Favorite #2: Fast & Free Crop II ($118) in incognito camo multi grey

These crops have been a holy grail in my little mind since the fall. I impatiently snapped up the Speed Up Crop in September because I didn’t want to miss out on the print.

While I’m glad I was able to snag those, you all know the F&F is my absolute favorite. I jumped on the 7/8 tight when this pattern made it into nulux, and while I don’t *need* them… heh 😇

Favorite #3: Play Off the Pleats Skirt ($79) in hydrangea blue

Who needs words when you can use a tweenage girl amount of emojis to describe your mood instead? 🤩🥰😍🙌🏼🙀💞 Yup, that should suffice.

Favorite #4: Speed Wunder Tight *Nulux ($128) in tropics speed wunder under blue black

Yes, they’re loud. Want to know what they’re screaming? BUY ME PLEASE! <3

Favorite #5: Breeze By Muscle Tank II *Squad ($58) in glossy

In the word’s of the Backstreet Boys… OH MY GOD WE’RE BACK AGAIN! Yes, about a year later this tank is back in action. The Breeze By became one of my favorite hiking/summer tanks in 2018. So much so, I picked another one up in black, both for full price.


It’s made of a breezy yet substantial fabric (think Swiftly Tech), and has perforated holes throughout the design to get you some extra air flow in warmer environments.

FYI: The product description says Squad, which is usually code for “it says LULULEMON on it in big block letters,” but after consulting with lulu on ye olde Twitter machine I’ve been advised by HQ that there are NO block letters in this summer’s design.

The Dud: Run the Line Short *Reflective ($58) in muse

While I don’t necessarily dislike the design or the idea, the silver reflective is a miss for me on a color that’s better suited for gold and rose gold tones.

As for you, All Yours Boyfriend Tee *Cloud Wash… don’t be giggling smugly that you weren’t ‘officially’ named the Dud. Anyone could easily impersonate you with a little bit of bleach and a wash cycle. You’re what happens when people trust their clueless boyfriends on laundry day.

Notes From a Shopaholic

  • I still haven’t ordered my Fast And Free Short 6″ yet, I better make like Tonto and jump on it before they’re gone too late. So far I’ve heard some excellent feedback on them! This week we’ve got our first ‘color’, cyprus.
  • I have not personally figured out how to rock the bodysuit thing. If you have, the Seek Simplicity Bodysuit is about as plain as you can get, which is a compliment. I also appreciate that it does have *some* coverage, in case you’re not a fan of the thong cut that many recent bodysuits have featured.
  • Sheer violet Tracker Short V, how YOU doin?
  • New to the Speed Up Short 2.5″ lineup: hydrangea blue & jubilee
  • While jubilee isn’t my first choice, I’m excited to see another color release in the Speed Up Short Long Updated Fit (hang tags in your local store may list them as Speed Up Short MR, which stands for medium rise). Fingers crossed for a fun blue or bright pink in the future.
  • Anyone care to explain why the Cross Chill Jacket is uploading in new colors in late May? Wait, it’s still snowing in Aspen and Mammoth. Hahaaaa.
  • I like the idea of the Choose a Side Short, but I’m not sure I’d have paired elixir/quicksand together. Oh well.
  • I hope that the All It Takes Short Sleeve will upload in more colors. I like the slimming effect the ruching has, it makes me think I can rock a crop top.
  • The On the Beat Belt Bag continues its summer takeover in desert green. For the crossbody traditionalist, you can also pick up the All Night Festival Bag in this summery color.
  • I feel like the Shadow Leaf Light Ivory Muse Spring Breakaway Short is a lululemon x Tommy Bahama collab. Anyone else see it?

This week for me, I’m drooling most over the camo Fast & Frees (if I can find a pair locally I’d love to race in them this weekend), and the totally unnecessary tennis dress. Am I the only one to find anything fun this week?

Update: Inventory showed that the camo F&Fs were in NO STORES, so I did a crazy thing and placed an order with the fast (and not free at all) shipping, so I can have them in hand before I leave for San Diego. Come on FedEx GO GO GO! I also threw in a pair of the 6″ Fast & Free Shorts because necessary 😁

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  1. I bought my second pair of 6″ Fast and Free shorts! Got the black last week, wore it twice for running and love it so I had to order the camo pair.

  2. How would you compare the Breeze By fit in the tank compared to the long sleeve? Would you say the torso fits the same?

    1. Hi! I don’t own the LS, but digging back to some Fitting Room photos with said LS, I feel confident saying the torso on both the tank and long sleeve fits the same.

  3. The ombre Aligns are neat, but I HATE contrasted stitching. It’s ugly, and it also kept me from purchasing Gatsby blue pieces that I otherwise liked.

    I noticed washed/ribbed bras uploaded that should have been available weeks ago when the matching pants did…and even longer ago when the crops did. I think lulu is missing out sales due to poor planning.

    The UK got an Energy Bra Long Line in a pretty orange dual-tone as well as an Energy Bra High Neck in Scarlet. I’ll be all over those if we get them. There was also a red pair of ATRP Pants previewed with the Swiftly Breeze Tank Relaxed that look pretty.

    1. Does no one ever think about the little kid in all of us that thinks a darker contrast stitch on pants emphasizes the whole… CRACK thing? 🤦🏼‍♀️

      Agree with the head scratcher timing on some things *coughcoughwinterjacketsonmemorialdayweekend*

      I love me a nice red, but with pants I’ve got to try them on first. Most of the reds/deep pinks have a little trouble in the sheer department, but then again my true red Outrun Crops from 2016 have no problemo at all.

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