5 Faves & a Dud: 5/7/19 Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

You know what, Wednesdays are usually okay… except when they’re super lame and it takes you until 10:30a to realize that it’s only Tuesday. Aside from that, it’s been a solid week so far.

The sun’s out, and temperatures are up high enough for me to be distracted by the fact that Wayfair is having an Outdoor Sale right now. I want a cute new patio set. Seeing that my two wooden chairs from Target circa 2011 have rotted out, I should amend that statement to I need a cute new patio set.

So it’s not Wednesday, but it’s not *just* Tuesday, it’s the first lululemon upload of the month! FOCUS, KATY, FOCUS – close all the browser tabs with mini couches. We’ve got new threads to discuss.

5 Faves & a Dud: 5/7/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Speed Up Short Long 4″ Updated Fit ($58) in flamenco red

When they came out last summer, I immediately snapped up the flamenco red Speed Ups, the only non-Seawheeze pair I’ve gotten since Speeds were retired. Unfortunately, they flare out on the side and made me look too wide, and I’ve worn them almost never. I love me a good classic red, so I want to see what’s going on with the newfangled ‘updated’ fit.

I scoured the product page up and down for any inkling to what the ‘updated fit’ entails, but no such luck. What’s a blogger to do about it? Run on over to social media and make noise about it. Gold star for lululemon for replying before I even finished writing this post!

I like room to move (dance parties), higher rise (no muffin tops), and gel pockets (sports candy snack time). I should order because blogger recon, right?

Favorite #2: Every Journey Hoodie ($128)

Take the ever-popular Bhakti Yoga Jacket. Now add a hood. Now add thumbholes NOW ADD CUFFINS. Yeah, I said it. Cuffins. The beloved sleeve-end pockets that fold over your hands to keep them cozy that were so popular that lululemon actually trademarked the name.

I am so very here for this hoodie that it’s not even funny. There are three color options: the photos above are moonwalk, but it also comes in black and light chrome (an off-white). It’s made of nulu (yes, the same fabric as Align Pants). If you ask me, this hoodie is a no-brainer. That asym zipper gets me every time. 😍

Favorite #3: Fast & Free Tight II 25″ ($128) in incognito camo multi grey

I’ve been going gaga over lululemon for the better part of the last decade, I should absolutely know by now that they always come out swinging in the first upload of the month.

I POUNCED on the incognito camo multi grey Speed Up Crops and later the Align Pant IIs when they came out, because I was total FOMO that maybe there wouldn’t ever be the holy grail in my mind, the black camo print in my tried & true Fast & Frees.

Well, here we are. They’re in my shopping cart. I don’t need these tights, but I also don’t need the beer that I’m sipping while writing this post. However, it sure as fuck is making me happy right now.

Favorite #4: Reenergized 2-in-1 Tank ($74)

In the past, I’ve found some of lululemon’s 2-in-1 tanks tough to shop for, because I’m not familiar with the bra design that’s been incorporated. Most notably, when I found the Work the Circuit Tank back in 2017, a sized up 10 felt tighter than some of my TTS 8 bras. Would have never known unless I’d tried it on in store.

The best part about this Reenergized Tank? The built-in bra is one that every lululemon fan knows their size in. The Energy Bra. You’re not going to have to stop and think twice about it. I’ve zoomed in and out looking like Quasimodo crouched over a laptop to see if the bra is removable or not, to no avail. But still. Finally, a bra tank you don’t have to scratch your head about sizing on.

Favorite #5: On My Level Bucket Hat ($48)

I honestly have no flipping idea if I would be able to pull off a bucket hat, yet I really want to find out.

I’m more of a baseball cap kind of girl (Baller Hat fo’ life), but part of me wants to try and see if I can be the cute girl version of Wilson from Home Improvement. There are only two color options, Muse (left) and Chambray (right), yet I’d really love a plain old khaki (Wilson). Muse looks a little bit pinkish online.

The Dud: Verdante Coat Print *lululemon lab ($228) in Painterly Floral Print Large Magnum Multi

I thought the Dud for this week was going to be so easy, and it was… but the piece that made me think that? Not this jacket. I happened to see the Vapor Verdante Coat first, and the idea of ER/Grey’s Anatomy jokes raced into my head as if they were riding on their own WAMbulance. WEE WOO WEE WOO FASHION DISASTER COMING THROUGH!

Then, I kept scrolling. This happened. I can’t. I don’t. I. Huh. What. Um. Halp.

*blinks at screen in speechless confusion 473829 times*


Kudos to the model, though. She’s working it as much she possibly can.

Now You See Me…

Now you don’t, because incognito camo multi grey is still going super strong. Call it personal preference, but I am amped that this print that dropped in late August / early September 2018 is still seeing new drops and restocks 6 months later.

  • Energy Bra ($52) – only reason I’m not pouncing is because my black savasana camo bra from 2014 is still going strong(ish).
  • Align Pant II ($98) – sold out once, may happen again. The restock this spring makes me oh so happy b/c it’s a middle finger to the people on Poshmark trying to rake people for a profit on a pair of these pants.
  • Flow Y Bra *Nulu ($48) – also not brand new, I have one that I bought in a blind OMG CAMO frenzy back in the fall. As far as skinny-strapped bras go, TBH it holds the girls in quite well.

New Print on the Block

This week, floral spritz multi is running the table in tights, shorts and accessories too. You can’t really tell until the backpack and Sculpt Tank photos, but the dark background is in the navy blue family.

What Else Be Cute?

  • Feels a little bit odd to feature it so far down in the post, given that the Enlite Bra Weave was a narrow miss for the top 5. I dig the straps that pay a little bit of homage to the Energy design. Admittedly, given the price point I have not yet purchased anything from the Enlite line.
  • Other designs to release basic black & plain vanilla white into the lineup this week?
  • It’s not sweater season, but I really dig the twisted detail on the back of the Lead With Your Heart Sweater. In addition to the two pastels pictured above, it’s also available in basic black.

Whoa. As usual, there’s a lot to take in tonight. I’ve got the flamenco red Speed Up Longs in my cart along with the camo Fast & Frees… AND the deep marine Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve. Oh, and I want the Every Journey Hoodie too.


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  1. I missed my chance to get Flamenco Red Tracker shorts, so I’m taking a chance on these. Jumped right on them last night. Thanks!

  2. I love speed shorts but the speed ups just don’t work for me. I’m interested to see how the updated fit truly fit. I’m not quite ready to spend $58 but the flamenco red is really tempting me!

      1. I’m the opposite in that Speed Ups work for me, but Speeds don’t. I have narrow hips and (sadly) a small bum, so Speed Ups help hug what little I have. Speeds were too baggy. I size down in shorts while most size up. I hope they don’t phase out the current Speed Ups, but it’s good to see they are updating the fit for most people!

  3. I’m super annoyed that it’s taking so long for the Incognito Camo Multi Grey Fast & Frees to come to Canada. I don’t understand why it’s available in what seems like everything else (Aligns, tanks, shorts, jackets, bras etc) but not the F&F. Let’s hope for next upload. Also – I wish they would come in a longer version than the 17″ as those always bunch up behind my knees. I’ve ended up buying the 25″ and getting them cropped to mid calf. I think 20″ F&F would be perfect.

    1. I find that the reg crops bunch a little behind my knees too, but because I’m so tall that I actually would NOT want any more length in the crops, because that would be even more fabric to bunch & distract me 🤷🏼‍♀️ One length fits… some. #whompwhomp

      1. I’m a shorty at 5’4″ so there’s more fabric to bunch up with the crops for me 🙂

  4. Any chance you have other red items to do a comparison among the various reds (e.g., flamenco red, dark red, sport red, currant, true red)?

    1. Red is tough to photograph because it bleeds so much, but I’ll try to get something posted in the next few days! I have flamenco red, true red, and flaming tomato to use as references points ☺️

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