WMTM Alert: 4/25/19 Edition

lululemonWMTM Alert

On this fine Thursday morning, I have splurged. I splurged on a Starbucks breakfast sandwich, I splurged on TOO MUCH 50% off Easter Candy at CVS (half price Cadbury Mini Eggs come on now), and then I placed a Thursday lulu order.

Now the fun part lies in wondering if my order for an Ultra Violet Sculpt Tank II goes through. The color option appears in the WMTM Main Page, but when I go to the item page, the photos won’t load, nor did they show in my shopping cart.

I went ahead with the purchase anyway, along with the interconnect blue multi Fast & Free Crop II (I’ll wear them more than the tights) and the florid flash Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew. Fingers crossed that envelope arrives with three items in it! As for the rest of this week’s markdowns…

  • The retro vibe Run Crew Tight is down to $79 in all 3 colors, dark olive/obsidian/grey sage is my personal fave
  • If pastel tanks are your jam, both the antoinette Swiftly Tech Racerback and heathered serene blue Essential Tank are now $49.
  • I can only imagine once you put a nulu Cool Racerback II on, you’ll never take it off out of pure blissful softness. Take your chances at frosted pine for $39
  • For some galactic texture, the Magnetized Jacquard Black White Define Jacket is down to $89
  • I don’t own one, but Ebb to Street Tank II fans can grab 3 color options right now: Blush Coral, Blue Cast & Figue (aka mauve)
  • I think the dark adobe Sculpt Tank II looks pretty awesome on the model with a darker complexion than mine. If you look more like her than you do me, get ittttt
  • Also adorable? A sea breeze All Tied Up Tank for $34. All sizes except 10 available.
  • The grey sage On the Beat Belt Bag joins its serene blue sister on WMTM for $39. Stop making fun of the trend and get in on it, already. Hands free is the way to be.
  • If scoring a Free to Be Bra *Wild to add to your collection is a priority, you’re going to have to feel free to play the wild card with only prints marked down right now.
  • If you’re like me and every day is ‘wear lululemon to work’ day… two more marked down options for basic tops include:
  • Faint coral is the only Invigorate Bra to be marked down to $39, otherwise there is an assortment of prints to choose from.
  • Same goes for $39 Energy Bras – patterns patterns patterns.
  • If I had to choose one style of lululemon skivvies, it’s the Namastay Put Hipster (RIP Light as Air), so I may grab the Dark Red/Sheer Blue/Faint Coral Namastay Put Hipster 3 Pack

The clock is ticking on my lunch break so I’ve got to peace out for now… and wonder if I really am going to place two orders in two hours because I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!!!

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  1. I’m SO tempted by that Namastay Hipster 3-pack. I used to love those, until I had a new pair (after one wear) become un-bonded on one side. I couldn’t bring myself to bring my used (yet clean) underwear into to complain, so it was a total waste of $$. Anyone else have experience with this? Do I just push through the embarrasment and bring them back if they fall apart?

    I have the Sunrise Silhouette F&Fs in my cart. Is it overkill since I also own the New Horizon Multi pair?? Two purpley striped pairs…probably, but I can’t seem to delete them. I’m considering the Time to Sweat in Star Ruby instead. I love the color and have found side pockets helpful lately. I’m afraid of the sweat marks potential there though. Decisions, decisions…

    1. I’ve had Light as Air come unglued, but not the Namastay. Then again, I hardly wear my Namastays in comparison to the others.

      If you’d prefer stitching vs glue, definitely give the Under Armour Pure Stretch Hipster a try. Lower price point than lulu, no VPL and better quality construction IMHO

  2. I’m tempting by the dark adobe sculpt tank. What size do you take in that tank? I’m normally a 4 in CRBs and SL swiftlies, and a 6 in LS swiftlies.

      1. darn! I ordered it in a 4… it’ll probably be baggy but I can even fathom fitting into a 2. Fingers crossed it fits! Thanks for the help!

      2. It’s so light that even if it’s a bit loose you’ll be fine. Sometimes I bunch it and either knot the extra fabric or tuck it into my waistband in back.

    1. I think you ordered the right size. I would have liked a size 3 which is often the case for me but seeing that isn’t an option, I got the size 4. I compared the size 2 and 4 back to back and while either would have been fine I thought the style suited the looser fit.

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