5 Faves & a Dud: 4/24/19 Edition [UPDATED]

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Yesterday was surprisingly bright. It rained the night before, I woke up at 5:00a (not on purpose I’m not that crazy unless I have a flight to catch), and it was cloudy. Headed outside for a morning run… cloudy. Headed inside for work and, well, I can’t see a window from my cubicle. When I headed out at lunch, HI HO WHAT IS THIS? Sunshine and blue sky!

Peeping Lululemon’s upload this week? HI HO WHAT IS THIS? Bright colors HOLLAAAA 😀 Keeping this post temporarily short because it’s early and this girl’s gotta go to work!

5 Faves & a Dud: 4/23/19 Edition

Favorite #1: Scuba Hoodie *Light Cotton Fleece ($118) in fantom fuschia

I would like to don this hoodie, run around and tell everyone that I’m Gym Class Barbie. Or is ‘gym’ no longer the acceptable term… okay so I’m PE Class Barbie.

Favorite #2: Picnic Play Dress ($118) in black

This dress is a classic, and a score for wedding guests all over the country. It’s been released and ended up on WMTM in odd color combos in the past (ahem heathered gray & baby blue), but this spring’s offerings are three solid colors. Pick it up in basic black and you will literally only need one dress all summer long.

Favorite #3: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew ($68) in florid flash/white

Note to self: Google what ‘florid’ means. Neon Swiftlies are my favorite Swiftlies. The only reason I think the detailing looks dark is because the model is wearing a darker bra underneath.

LESSON OF THE DAY: Here’s what florid means, and I have no idea how that translates into neon green but here we are.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 8.07.08 AM.png

Favorite #4: Fast & Free Tight II ($128) in interconnect blue multi

Interconnect blue multi in general is winning a fave prize. At one point I had the tights, Fast & Free Crop IIs and the Energy Bra in this print all in my cart at once. Expensive, therefore I have NOT hit the check out button yet.

I still haven’t made my decision on which it’s going to be. I like the look of the tight, but I honestly would get more use out of the crops. Decisions, decisions.

Favorite #5: Dance Studio Jogger ($98)

I know these aren’t necessarily the NEW NEW, but this week they just happen to catch my attention. Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic for my Abercrombie & Fitch parachute pants that I can’t for the life of me remember why we were talking about them in CrossFit last night.

The A&F in my local mall recently closed after 20 years. I remember shopping there 20 years ago. 1) RIP and 2) oof I’m an Elder Millennial. (Side note: go watch that special on Netflix. It’s HILARIOUS.)

The Dud

The Everyday Skirt ($78)

I suppose that it’s a good thing when I have to stop and think about what’s going to be the Dud of the week. After a couple minutes I’m settling on this skirt.

It looks a bit too much like it should be worn in ballet class, and I’m not sure the drawstring on the outside goes with how flowy the rest of the skirt is. Plus, it’s an odd mid length, and I’m not necessarily digging how it goes up on the sides. Easy pass.

From the Soap Box

I’ll be back for the rest of my soap box, and will put the [EDITED] tag in the post’s title when I do. I spent 3 hours at the salon last night getting a Keratin Express treatment done on my Ke$ha hair, and I’ve got a 9am meeting at work that I CANNOT be late for.

[UPDATE] OKAY I’M BACK. In other news…

  • Fantom fuschia fans: see the Speed Up Short and the Hotty Hot Short II.
  • Ahhh bananas, I forgot to put the Brunswick Muscle Tank in the same gallery as the other offerings. Said it once, I’ll say it again – this tank is pajamas! (Sung to the tune of Gwen Stefani)
  • The hyacinth Love Tee V narrowly missed the top 5.
  • For traveling, the Out on Top Envelope Pouch is genius. Why? It’s flat, skinny, holds your tablet, chapstick and earpods and nicely fits in the seat back pocket in front of you. Grab the things you need from your backpack in one fell swoop and then stuff it into the overhead bin!
  • Can a girl get a black Twist It Tank? Please? Right now white, grey sage or petals will have to do.
  • I feel like my favorite running tank, the Sculpt Tank II, is long overdue for a bright pop of color. This week’s news only features faint coral.

It feels like there’s also a bunch of new stuff on the Intimates front, but none of it really appeals to me. Ever since the one time I gave it a shot and the sizing was SO off, I am hesitant to pay too much attention to skivvies. Ah well.

Some of this week WAS bright, but I’m still hanging out hoping for something like a brisk blue Sculpt Tank or something like that, it was perfectly match an interconnect blue multi tight or crop. JUST SAYIN’

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  1. Ok, so I just have to share that I saw The Everyday Skirt in store yesterday…btw it was marked $88 but it’s $78 online? It was surprisingly flattering. I think with a basic tank/tee and cute sandals it would be great for the summer. I ended up not purchasing but I may. I say try it on, you might be surprised!

    1. If I see it in store, maybe I’ll give it a shot for ha-ha’s. I’ve never quite felt like the full midi skirt is my kind of look, but I’ve been wrong before 🙃

  2. I love that shade of fuchsia too but i dislike the current Scuba design. I really wish they stopped at Scuba II.
    I think I’m an elder Millenial too (born in 1982), perhaps why I’m attracted to the Dance Studio Joggers.

    1. My theory on Scubas is maybe they have to keep switching it up for novelty’s sake. They last forever, so once you get one in a certain color family you’re not buying another new one for a long time?

  3. I’m also on board with the everyday skirt. I think it warrants a try-on 😉 I’m petite, so it might go past my knees. Wonder if they fixed the waistband? Last year the band was too tight. Very tempted to buy the picnic play dress though! Also, I feel the same way about the easy going hoodie!

    1. Okay okay okay I’ll try it on if I see it 😜

      I used to have a cutoff hoodie back in college and I wore it all the time, I think I’m digging it mostly out of nostalgia for how cool 2005 Katy believed she looked 😎

  4. How does the Brunswick muscle tank hold up for workouts (I’d prob just wear it for lifting because it looks like it would show lots of sweat for intense cardio days)? There are some on these tanks in WMTM that piqued my interest.

    Reviews say it runs big. Do you agree? We seem to be about the same size. I’m 5’9”, 34C and wear an 8 in sleeveless Lulu tops, a 10 in Lulu tops with sleeves, and a 8 in bottoms


    1. It does run big – I honestly have only slept and kicked around the house in mine. I don’t even know if I’d wear it to lift because of you step up to an oly bar to clean or deadlift, gravity is going to do its thing.

      Sounds like we are almost the same size! If you have any of the OG Sculpt Tank, I’d say a TTS is roomy along those lines. If you want to do any more than chill or sleep in it, it may be wise to try a size down!

      1. I tried it on in the store in an 8..And you were right… It felt like pajamas. And I don’t need anymore of those! Thanks again for your super helpful reviews, especially since we are size twins!


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