Review: Athleta Madison Moto Tight


File this under “things I shot the photos for but forgot to write the review on” – so before it’s too late, here are some photos and quick thoughts on Athleta’s Madison Moto Tight, which is amazingly marked down to $46.99 right now (not a typo), which is more than 60% off its OG price point of $128 (which I totally paid).

Athleta Madison Moto Tight ($128) Now $46.99

Worth noting:

  • I’m 5’9″ and go between 8-10 depending on Athleta’s styles. I am wearing a 10 here, and an 8 would definitely not have worked for me here.
  • These tights are more tailored and are meant to be a comfortable city tight. I would NOT recommend wearing them to work out in any capacity, including yoga.
  • The fabric is less stretchy, and tailoring is what shapes the tights to fit your body, so there is a side zip & button closure on the left side, and a slightly snug high-rise waistband that keeps these babies from falling down.
  • The fabric in the rear is different than the fabric used in the front paneling, it is the more traditionally stretchy material you’d expect tights to be made of. The fabric used in the front feels a little ‘fancier’, if you will.
  • Sorry world, no pockets. These tights are for truly getting ‘dressy’, and are not utilitarian.
  • As for the length, they come right to my ankles, so if you’re taller they can also be worn with ankle boots or Vans as the weather warms up.
  • One day I will figure out how to photograph pants and not include the fugly carpet & baseboards in my spare bedroom. Today obviously isn’t that day.

The moto look has been my out-of-the-gym jam for a while now, hence why I snagged them for full price. Because they still look a bit like leggings, the only way I will wear these to the office is if I’m wearing a long vest to cover my butt (literally) so the I keep with the ninja vibes and don’t cross over to Catwoman.

If you find yourself in that sweet spot of always having date nights and plans to go out and are looking for a stretchier alternative to skinny jeans that won’t squeeze the crap out of you quite like Spanx, the Madison Moto Tight for $47 is a perfect price.

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