5 Faves & a Dud: HO HO Here We GO

5 Faves & a Dud

Current status: still waiting on Black Friday purchases to be delivered. (Sweaty Betty you get a pass because England… but Athleta, come on now.) Yet, here we are a mere 3 weeks away from Santa’s big day. I can hide from December no longer, so it’s time to give in to all the other madness that comes with the peppermint mocha season.

I like to think I’m doing things the ‘healthy’ way because instead of a chemical-tasting skinny peppermint mocha from Starbucks, I’ll simply ask for 1 or 2 pumps of syrup instead of the actual 6. The REAL healthy way would be to drink water all the time and wean myself off caffeinated drinks… but who’s got time for that? (I don’t know how pregnant women live that no coffee life. Does. Not. Compute.)

Anyhow, if you’re not already eyeballs deep in Hanukkah latkes and still have time to scrap together a Christmas list, here are my long and drawn-out thoughts on lululemon’s latest offerings. Ho ho ho, y’all.

This Week’s Favorites

From top, L-R:

  • Sculpt Tank II ($58) in solar purple – where were you all summer long, you beautiful thing? <3
  • Rest Less Pullover ($88) in sonic pink – while this piece has historically fit a bit small on me, I am willing to give this year’s incarnation a go if it means I get to look like CrossFit and/or Long Distance Barbie.
  • Wunder Under High-Rise Tight *Foil 28″ ($108) in lumosity foil print black silver – How soon is to soon to have your NYE party pants all picked out? Asking for a friend.
  • Toasty Tech Tight II ($138) in cyber – oh hey there, perennial favorite. You’re pretty and if I didn’t already go for the Keep the Fleece Tight last month, these would be tough to pass up. Going to do my best to keep running outdoors for as long as the ice stays in the sky and not on the sidewalks.
  • Speed Up Short ($58) in Luminosity Foil Print Black Silver/Black m- BECAUSE SHINY SHORTS. Do I need to explain more?

The Dud

Frosted Rose Multi. ALL OF IT.

For all the fun brights and shiny objects that highlight my current top 5… this blah-looking pattern has to come and muck things up. Grandma’s drapes, but dramatic, because black. Agggh.

It’s Been a Bit and I Have More Opinions on More Things

  • If you’re like me, you’re losing your mind a little (in a good way) over all of the shiny foily items. Have your favorites gotten the foil/shiny/sparkle treatment?
  • While the boxy style of the Serve Up Some Sun Short Sleeve isn’t winning many points with me, oh hello SONIC PINK HELLO I LIKE YOU 😀 Maybe I could make a Swiftly Tech LS Breeze work? Meh. COME ON NORMAL SWIFTLY.
  • Aside from that fun pink, the younger & more energetic set will be happy to see solar purple’s offerings include (in addition to the Sculpt above):
  • Getting googley eyes over the heathered fatigue green Radiant Jacket II is me trying to brighten my winter wardrobe up. Right now it’s so all black, you’d think I were a member of New Zealand’s national rugby team.
  • About the On My Level Crossbody Bag… it’s $88. Does the price seem steep at first? Yeah, but… I have to say that while it’s visually as basic as they come, my Go Lightly Shoulder Bag is still in use to this day. Every day. Is it plain? Yes. Are you going to get good use out of a plain bag that you can actually fit your gloves and hat in this winter when you’re not wearing them? F*ck yes.
  • If you’re difficult to buy for… send your fam a link to the Vinyasa Scarf in ringspun denim black white – I’ve got joggers in this fabric, and the fabric is thick enough to seem like it’s going to be a cozy piece. Nice basic, and a perfect price point so your non-lulu-appreciating family members don’t think you’re batsh*t crazy and refuse to spring for $150 stretchy pants.
  • The neon blossom multi is a little bit bright contrast bright colors on black and I’d be here for it IF… the black didn’t get lighter in a bend. Wah. Too bad on those Fast & Free Crop IIs. Not sure we’ll ever be a thing unless a sale rack unites us.
  • Hey Align Short, just wondering where the f you were in July when I needed you?
  • Speaking of summer, I’m already eyeballing that striped Love Sleeveless Tank for the next time I go somewhere warm.
  • It’s no inkwell/green bean, but I see the Scuba Hoodie III Classic Cotton Fleece in Parallel Stripe Heathered Emerald Heathered Green Smoke, and I applaud it.
stock images: property of lululemon athletica



      1. Ha ha, yeah, my mom is treating me to the shiny shorts. She doesn’t know that yet, but she told me to buy whatever I want and she’ll pay for it. So I give up the surprise but get exactly what I want. It works for us.

        She also bought me the Sit in Lotus sweater in the lavender color.

        She has good taste, I think.

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