FYI: 2019 SeaWheeze Half Marathon Registration Date


Mark your calendars… for the entire month of February. It will be a lottery again, not the site-crashing freakout we’re all too familiar with, but we can at least now narrow it down to a four week span.

The 2019 race returns to the usual summer Saturday, August 17th 2019.

I honestly don’t know if it’s a smart thing for me to do next year, but I am likely going to play my hand at getting into SeaWheeze again in 2019. Must at least try and keep the streak alive. My summer work schedule is looking to be more jammed than ever before, and the race falls right in the middle of the organized chaos.

For a PR effort? I may be looking at a race earlier in the year for 2019, which means… training may have to begin a lot sooner than usual. #sneeps

Those of you who may not have made it in thanks to the lotto last year, has taking a year off changed your mindset on SW, or does it make you want to get back in even more than before? Always curious to hear how feelings toward registration (and the event in general) as the years progress.


  1. I’m bummed they’re sticking with the lotto, it’s definitely not my favorite way to register for anything. I didn’t get in last year but ran the 3 years prior so I’ll be trying again. Hoping for a better outcome this year!

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