Photos: 2018 SeaWheeze Online Exclusive Haul


For the second year in a row, lululemon had a Runners Only online showcase store a few weeks before the big retail showdown on Friday morning, THE SeaWheeze Showcase Store. Only a handful of items were released, and with a 5 item limit I stopped myself at four:

  • Speed Wunder Tight in Raver Speed Wunder White
  • Energy Bra in Raver Energy Bra White (not pictured b/c I’m pale AF)
  • Swiftly Tech LS in sonic yellow
  • Swiftly Tech LS in Vivid Amber/White/Hot Heat/Black

After an 8-day journey across the country I got my haul in the mail on Friday afternoon. You can catch an ‘unboxing’ video over on my IGTV with immediate first thoughts, if awkward videos are your thing. Without further ado… less typing more photos!

Speed Wunder Tight

Full length, mid-rise, printed on white nulux. The best part? Lululemon’s doing what lululemon does best, something I like to call “when the stripes do the thing.”

Swiftly Tech LS in Sonic Yellow

I was a bit nervous about how the yellow was going to look on me, and was pleasantly surprised. Definitely going to have to rock this one sooner rather than later. When the winter comes, my hair darkens and my tan fades, and I may just look like a sick lemon. But today, let’s go with positive words like bright, happy and lemony FUN!

Swiftly Tech LS in Vivid Amber/White/Hot Heat/Black

I really love this one. It’s campfire chic, and feel like I’ll get a lot of mileage out of this Swiftly. As with the other space dye/woven Swiftlies I own, the fabric feels a bit different. Solid colors tend to feel a bit more gauzy than the woven patterns. It’s still very lightweight.

Your outfit is only as ugly as you believe it is 🙂

So I’ve got my new threads, and totally match (NOT)… and I’ve run almost all the miles. Phase one of “spend a lot of $ on Seawheeze” is complete, and now we wait for Friday morning. I was lucky enough to get into the 6:30a time slot on Friday, which is the first available. I missed reflective gear by about 10-15 people last year, so I am hoping I may be able to get a piece this go around.

Something tells me that if nobody’s allowed to ‘officially’ get in line until 6:15a, it’s going to be one of the biggest gate crashes (read: any airport boarding area ever), that I’ll ever be a part of. So that will be fun.


  1. I bought the same pieces, except I bought the Stash & Run bra instead of the yellow swiftly. Congrats on the 6:30am time slot, I was trying to book my time while navigating my way through an airport, with all the system issues it took me an hour and 47 minutes to get to the screen where I could select a time. I managed to snag the 7am slot (which I’m thankful for!!) but I’m assuming that means I’m out of luck on the reflective gear…If you are only looking for one piece, any chance you could grab a pair of crops/tights for me and I could meet up with you in the chaos of the store? If not, no worries, just thought I’d ask, good luck on the race!!

    1. Service in airports is so spotty to begin with, I can’t imagine pulling my hair out for THAT long. Glad you still got an awesome time slot!

      I’ve already declined a similar request on snagging gear for others who are further back in line, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to say yes now after saying no to someone else already.

      If lululemon learned a lesson from last year, hopefully they will make more than just 10 of each piece, meaning at 7am you may still have an awesome chance to score!

      Thank you so much for understanding, and best of luck to you in the race as well – may the 50 degree temps be on our side! 🙂

  2. Those tights are awful and awesome all in one, lol. You definitely pull them off; they look great on you.
    Have a great run and thanks for the updates!

  3. I love the tights on you and both tops!! The colors suit you. I’m super tempted now to snag the tights. I’m thinking they be cute with a basic colored top, but what shoes? White?

  4. Thanks for posting. Is the swiftly scratchy? or soft? I never know with the different weaves. The swiftly/pants combo looks fantastic on you. My height and coloring wouldn’t be able to pull the pants off but the swiftly….

    1. Thanks Sarah! 🙂

      The yellow one would be the ‘scratchy’ that a traditional solid/heathered would feel like that you can get in store, the vivid amber is the softer of the two.

  5. Since swiftlies are definitely your thing, can you comment on how they run size wise with the new ones? I keep reading they run smaller than normal so do you go a size up? The size you have on look super comfortable but just wondering if you can lend a bit of insight? TIA!

  6. Hi, thanks for this post. I’ve been eyeing the rainbow pants but am nervous about them being sheer. Did they run small/large? Are they opaque? I’m super pale with brown hair and hoping I could pull them off. 😬

    1. Hi Robyn, my apologies for being molasses on the reply. With white-ish and pastels, *some* sheerness is almost a given. The key is to wear nude underwear underneath, so that there’s no light layer underneath brightening up the pattern, and nothing dark showing through.

      The rainbow SW tights are nulux, which is a bit tighter weave than some other tights from the past, but I still wouldn’t call them 100% opaque.

      I have to admit the tags are still on mine. Ah, the good ol’ fear of getting them dirty.

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