2018 Seawheeze Exclusives: Full Collection


Alright, one more post and I’ll quit it with the blog spam today. I like to think I’m double-posting with good reason: screenshots of Seawheeze stuff. 🙂

Last year, an advance video preview so that shoppers could ‘kind of’ strategize their showcase experience was very popular, and I’m happy that lululemon opted to release one again.

Personal highlights include: REFLECTIVE! …if I can get an in-line time that’s early enough. Last year I missed being in the first wave into the store by 5 people, and I’d gotten in line around 3am. (Moral opposition to sleeping on the street for yoga pants.)

I’m hoping lululemon learned their lesson from last year’s outrage and made more than 10 of everything in each size this time.

I’m also into the black & white and red pieces. This collection’s colors are a bit more primary, and there are some loud patterns. Not liking the pinkish florals. I have a feeling those will be left on the racks, much like all those cropped CRBIIs last year.

The video quality isn’t that great, so apologies in advance for the poor image quality. Didn’t have much to work with.

2018 Seawheeze Showcase: Full Collection Preview

What are everyone’s favorites, and what are everyone’s duds? I’m honestly not LOVING this full color scheme like I fell all over the jet stream & zippy green of 2017. Yet, it’s still far better than 2016’s dark nightmare. Again, black, white and red are right up my alley, but a lot of these pinks I will not be giving a second glance.


  1. Once again, I love the reflective. And I do want some more red since that’s one of my running team’s colors. The silhouette shots are very Mad Men to me.

  2. Some of the reflective gear is available in Australian stores – I saw it a few weeks ago – but it doesn’t appear to be on the website. It looks great; I was tempted by the tights but couldn’t quite stretch for the price (especially as we’re at the end of winter)

    1. Are the SeaWheeze clones as popular in Australia as the North American originals when they first come out? Or does the thrill wear off by the time they release the gear months down the road?

      1. Not as popular, I think. It usually takes ages for things to sell out online. (I don’t live near a store anymore!)

  3. I do like those black and white prints, especially the large floral one. I’m kind of digging the Vancouver tee with the super bright purple/pink shorts too.

    1. Black & white will be the first thing I rush for after the reflective – I hope I’m close enough to the front to finally score a piece this year! RED is another big draw for me, and the pink floral is a big no thanks. Like you I’m also curious about those purple shorts, they popped up a couple times in the video but I don’t feel like they were the center of attention any time they were shown.

  4. Those patterns are so busy and the colors just don’t “feel” right together for me. I’ll be curious to hear if the lines are as long as previous years AFTER the reflective sells out. Just seems to me the same mish mash patterns being done for the stores (save reflective and maybe the black/white pop) and not the unique pieces of prior years.

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