5 Faves & a Dud: 3/6/18 Edition

5 Faves & a Dud

This week has been lame. Let’s all collectively grab our tiny violins and play a symphonically sad song for the fact that yesterday I got sent home from work by my boss for having a scratchy throat (read: germs) in the office, and then today I took myself out of commission and took my first full sick day since 2015. Under the weather and under a blanket on the couch distracted by the end of the Bachelor right now.

I only caught 2-3 episodes prior to the finale, but just enough to know who’s who and that Arie’s got a f*ck ton of gray hair.

5 Faves & a Dud – 3/6/18 Edition

Favorite #1: Aether Apparel’s End of Season Sale

Despite the Nor’Easter that’s on its way to ice us over tomorrow, it’s technically the end of winter on the clothing racks. I bought my first piece of Aether Apparel while out in Aspen in January and 1) loved it, but 2) wish full price points weren’t so high.

WELP, I have to say that Aether’s doing way better than lululemon does, when they mark something down $5 and call it ‘on sale’.

Aether Vertical Jacket.png
Vertical Jacket // Original Price: $695 – Sale Price: $278 (60% off)

Coincidentally, one of the most affordable pieces in the bunch is something I can actually speak to on its fit & function, the Polartec Cowl Pullover.

Aether Cowl Pullover

This gorgeous blue is on sale for just $50, down from $125. (Read my review here. Heads up, it’s WARM.)

Favorite #2: Athleta Stellar Jacket ($178) in black

It started to warm up last week, it warmed up a bit so I thought it would be cute to pair a short skirt with some ankle boots for a work outfit. I then realized I didn’t have a cropped jacket to pair with the ensemble in the chilly mornings, so it looked like I had nothing on under my long jacket. Cool. This would have fixed that.

Favorite #3: The North Face’s Winter Sale

TNF Sale.pngI spend FAR too much time drooling over North Face gear overall. Not quite like Aether going up to 60% off, but if you’re in the market for a new piece of gear while the price is right and all the good sizes are gone, I’d recommend heading over and checking out the selection before it’s too late!

TNF Shelbe Raschel.pngOne item I unexpectedly love is the Schelbe Raschel Hoodie. I found mine in a grape color (they say it’s bright navy, I say undeniably purple) in store a few months ago and thought “don’t need this, maybe I’ll return it.” Ended up keeping it because the lining is as soft as anything and is like wearing your favorite blanket from the couch ALL. DAY. LONG. Not to mention, it’s a flexible windproof shell on the outside.

If you’re reading this and wear an XS, GO. BUY. ONE. All other sizes are sadly out of stock on sale. 🙁

Favorite #4: Athleta FWS Tank ($64) in black

Athleta FWS

Spandex in a ‘normal’ tank? Yes please. Why? It hardly wrinkles. This could be clutch when it (eventually) gets hot outside.

Favorite #5: Abstract: the Art of Design on Netflix

Abstract Logo

Between a lull in the work/travel life and getting sick, I’ve been spending much more time in my own home lately, aka watching Netflix. I typed ‘docuseries’ into the search bar on Saturday and stumbled on this Netflix original that follows professionals that have achieved great success in different fields of design, like stage design, architecture, even footwear.

A fascinating watch if you’re ready to geek out over seeing the time, effort and attention to detail that go into projects that we may take for granted when we see them in every day life.



Becca handled that like a CHAMP. I haven’t watched much of the Bachelor franchise in recent years, but my roomie in Aspen was a fan so I fell back into my old ways a few times this season and caught a couple episodes. Couch-ridden for the last 2 nights, I figured if the rest of America was going to watch the end then I will too. Plus, I was still hard into watching the show when Arie was on the Emily season years ago.

Anyway, I didn’t have the best Monday on earth yesterday, but dayum I did not get my my heart ripped out and stomped all over ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. I am surprised she kept the ring on for that long. Uncomfortable to watch.

…just like the first bachelor that just walked out onto the stage to meet Becca for next season. This Lincoln guy has already taken up 3 minutes of his 15 second introduction.

Oh gosh. and this next guy. So nervous. But nervous is okay.

Am I about to get sucked back into this show? I thought I was too old for this. Guess not.


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  1. That break up was brutal. And not just because of the emotion, but the fact that they showed every painful minute. Plus, that guy could not take the hint. When he knocked on the bathroom door and was like, “Hey, you ok?”……so clueless and self-centered.

    I was in Lulu today and there’s a 20% discount on everything (even WMTM stuff) for International Women’s Day. Some people on FB, said stores were honoring it with phone orders as well. I haven’t bought anything in a while, but today, I got a bunch of stuff I’ve been eyeballing. Worth a call if there’s anything you’ve been thinking about getting!

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