Lululemon’s WMTM Roundup: 11/5/17

WMTM Alert

Well, it’s been a hot few minutes (weeks, months?) since last posting a WMTM Alert, because, well… there really haven’t been too many hot deals in lululemon’s sale section to trumpet about from the digital mountaintops. Last week, the inventory count ballooned up to 276 (!!!) items, which is just insane. Since then, it’s calmed down to 167, which still isn’t small peanuts.

Side note: Lululemon revamped their website a couple weeks ago. Not sure if I’m digging it. (Says the girl who revamped her website this weekend.)

Anyhow, time for a long overdue pile of notes highlighting the current selection… aka what I would probably buy if I had unlimited funds.

WMTM Roundup – 11/5/17


  • Like the Windshell ($89) – I keep pausing on this one whenever I walk by sale racks.
  • Resist the Mist Jacket ($118) – The construction on this one looks solid. I snapped up a lulu rain jacket made of similar material and have run it through its paces since 2014. Still holding up well. Even with the triple digit price tag this may be a beneficial buy.



  • Warm Down Hoodie ($79) – Reminds me a ton of the Under Wraps Pullover, which isn’t too thrilling in design, but is a winter mainstay in my closet.
  • Fresh in Mesh Long Sleeve ($69) – I am loving on the spandexy shirts lately. Because they aren’t cottony, they don’t risk fuzzing, which means you can totally put them in the dryer.
  • Sculpt Tank II ($39) – Good thing whirlpool and aeon are sold out in my size. Keeps $78 in the bank and off the Amex. Sculpt Tanks are underrated and amazing.
  • Cool Racerback II ($29) – Not my cup of tea because I’m tall, but worth noting for anyone out there interested boysenberry and/or galaxy grey
  • Final Lap Long Sleeve ($69) – For the past 5 weeks, it’s been the one shirt I race to grab out of the laundry as soon as it’s dry. [Full Review]
  • Swiftly Tech Racerback ($39) – After eons and aeons (hehe) I’ve finally gotten on board and understand why so many shoppers love these! Only 8-10-12 available in midnight navy, though.
  • Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew ($59) – Whoa, a sale price that’s actually less than the mid-2016 asking price!
  • Shine & Stride Tank ($39) – Have one in amalfi blue, wore it yesterday. A little short on me, but the material is great. CRBII fans may like this for a looser & more sweat-wicking top for steamier workouts.
  • Press Pause Pullover ($69) – I’m cold right now, so this appeals to me.
  • Crescent Tank ($39) – While I may not have the rockin’ bod to make this one look cute, I bet plenty of  you ladies do!
  • Uncovered Long Sleeve ($49) – Unexpected good Fitting Room experience with this one earlier this year. While it’s a bit small, it’s got a baseball-tee (ish) look, which works well.


  • Invigorate Bra ($39) – A long time Energy Bra girl, the Invigorate is the first new bra from lulu I’ve tried in a while. If you decide to go for a final sale color, stay TTS or go down, if you’re in between.
  • Fans of the Fast & Free Bra ($49), keep your eyes peeled for better deals in stores. While going for $49 online, I got mine on sale for $29 in person.
  • Energy Bra ($39) – I’m surprised to see some Shibori pieces still kicking around. I thought people liked it?


Until my $210 adventure to the Orlando outlet last weekend, I’ve actually managed to keep the lulu spending in check since mid-September when I bought up a pile of stuff at King of Prussia. For those of you who don’t have the patience/thumb stamina to scroll through WMTM in its entirety, I hope this helps!

Happy Sunday! 🙂

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