5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s Latest

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Happy (late) Halloween! Lululemon planned ahead for everyone else’s preoccupations with costumes & candy and uploaded a bunch of new stuff Monday night. The last two Halloweens I’ve been out on the road for work, and this year was no different. However, this time it was freezy cold Ohio, and not palm trees in Alabama. I’m all about functional fashion in this here corner of the internet, so I like to think I did well with my last minute $6 costume from a Walmart in Athens, OH. I got to be Louise from Bob’s Burgers and keep my head warm at the same time. 
To keep track of what I want to write about later, I generally scroll through the What’s New page and just add whatever I like into my cart. Much to my Monday evening surprise, I looked up and saw a little 11 up in the top corner. ELEVEN. So, why not share them all?

Many Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 10/30/17 Upload

First: Clothing

Inspire Crop II ($88) in black

Ahhh, memories. Black Inspire IIs are the crop that started it all for me. #gatewaydrug

Line Up Crop Tank ($38) in boysenberry

Like the Law of Selfies, it’s all about the angles. I’m here for the seams.

Pace Rival Crop ($88) in nocturnal teal

For when diurnal teal doesn’t cut it.

Embrace the Space Hoodie ($128) in black

Until being gifted a City Bound Hoodie last year, I will admit that I didn’t see the point in Spacer fabric. However, in the last 12 months I can now say it’s one of the most frequently worn hoodie in my closet. It’s warm, but it’s light, and it’s all around awesome.

On the Go Poncho ($118) in black

Normally not a poncho girl, but the zipper and the shiny detail tempts my inner wannabe fashionista.

Next: Accessories

Wool Be Cozy Hand Warmers ($32) in black

I get the white fingers when the temperature drops below 60, which is a bit annoying. What’s also annoying? Not being able to infinitely scroll through my phone with gloves on. I have a red pair of hand warmers that I got from TJ Maxx that I wear around the house and have always said “if I can ever find black, I’ve got to get them!”

Baller Hat Run ($38) in night view white/black

Minorly addicted to Baller Hats, over here. Great for when the dry shampoo doesn’t quite cut it and you want to somehow look snazzy. Also, great for hiding from flight attendants and seatmates when you want a  nap at 35,000 feet.

Run it Out Neck Warmer ($28) in black

Last year’s model was a total FACE SAVER when I went snowmobiling earlier this year. Sometimes your collar is bulky enough when a hood is involved and a scarf is just too much fabric around your neck. For those times, neck warmers are clutch.

I like the update with the breathing holes, because it makes it more feasible for face protection in snow sports. As you can see in the photo above, I keep my nose outside with the older version because there isn’t  enough air circulation. Problem solved!

Run Fast Gloves II ($36) in black

My guess is that they may not be the warmest on the planet, but the mitten sleeves appeal to me. It was unexpectedly frigid in Ohio on Monday and while I had gloves, I really could have used some mittens. Dexterity when you want it, and an extra layer when you don’t need it. I may snap these up too. Damn cold hands.

Everywhere Kit ($48) in mineralize multi

img_4939My cosmetics bag is looking a bit tattered, this is a definite want not need. Probably drawn to it for the fact that it reminds me of space and Seawheeze.

On the Fly Comfort Pack ($148) in heathered core black

So, the reality is that anyone with sticky fingers can probably liberate an airplane blanket the next time they fly, saving themselves $148.

With this design, it seems as though lulu is taking notice of startups (Betabrand comes to mind) who are hardcore invested in creating items for the young professional business traveler. Given how frequently I travel for work (I’m writing this post from the ATL tarmac) I see it, I appreciate it, but the price points for both this cozy fabrication and Betabrand’s gear are still a bit high for my liking.

Someone please tell me I don’t need to stop at the mall on the way home! 🙂

EDIT: Well, peanuts. I hit post without the Dud.

The Dud: Slush Hour Jacket ($248)

…because what’s the point of a water proof jacket if it doesn’t have a hood? I wonder if this comes with a free umbrella.

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