The Fitting Room: Lululemon Miscellany


Want to know what I’m good at? So, so, so… INCREDIBLY GOOD AT?

I’m fantastic at taking a bunch of fitting room photos and saving them until I have time for a little writeup about each piece. Joke’s on me because that time never materializes, and then 4 weeks later said photos become irrelevant. So, as I was scrolling through my camera roll at lunch today, I realized that I needed to post the rest of what I’ve got from September while you can still buy this stuff (if you so desire).

Therefore, this is pretty much a straight photo post of things lulu’s been pushing lately, just so you can quickly see what these pieces look like on an averagely-built human. This post features:

Prices marked with an asterisk mean it’s on WMTM right now. Ready set SCROLL!

Speed Up Crop ($88) in etch hail midnight navy

I liked what the lines did for the rear view. Wanted, but didn’t need.




Fast & Free Crop II ($118) in aeon

I bought these. So, have some GoPro photos.

Run On Tight ($118) in nouveau mach blue black

I was impressed by this non-shiny non-crappy full-on luxtreme. Had to talk myself out of buying them.




Sculpt Tank II SE ($58) in black

Nothing special.



Final Lap Short Sleeve ($59*) in black

The LS ended up a winner, the SS not so much.

Final Lap Long Sleeve ($74*) in midnight navy

Brought it home in basic black.

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew ($78) in viola

Went in with full intention to buy, felt like it washed me out a little bit. Could have just been the 2 straight months of work responsible for that, not the shirt.

Extra Mile Long Sleeve ($88) in heathered utilitarian

I took this one home in black, but am still on the fence. Full review in previous post, and I wish I had some googley eyes to complete the hand puppet look.


  1. I love the extra mile long sleeve on you. It’s super flattering! It reminds me of their older designs- full tilt ls and star runner. I should probably pull those out and dust them off, instead of buying this one. It’s cute though!

    1. Thank you! I’m still weighing on if I keep the black one or not. I own a lot of black, but I also know I’ll get a ton of wear out of it come January when I’ll be in the Rockies for 3 weeks!

      1. I found the black and white version that came out two weeks ago to be thicker than the black. I tried both on and bought the black and white

    1. I’ve put a beating on my first two pairs all throughout Seawheeze training. My OG black pair (purchased in April) shows a little pilling on the inseam’s stitching, but I also have chub rub, and that’s what 200+ miles of friction does to most anything. My second most heavily-worn pair, the soundwave white black are still holding up strong and steady.

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