Review: Lululemon Extra Mile LS


Call it global warming or call it Mother Nature having a hot flash, but either way it’s been unseasonably warm lately and it’s been tough to embrace some of the colder weather options lululemon’s released lately as part of their fall lineup.

I’ve had this one in the bag for a couple weeks now, and I’ve got less than 10 days to make up my mind on if I want to keep my recently-purchased Extra Mile Long Sleeve or not.

Fit Review: Lululemon’s Extra Mile Long Sleeve ($88) in black


At first look, it appears to be just another one in the lineup of millions of plain black long sleeve shirts that lululemon offers.

Crew neck, somewhat fitted, hip length on my 5’9″ frame. I’m wearing a true-to-size 8 here. It’s made of rulu, which is partially why I thought snagging this shirt would be a good idea. I wear my long sleeve rulu shirts pretty often in the winter.


Reach up to fix your hair and you’re fine, no cold midriffs here.


Plain jane in the back, too, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I like the hemline on this shirt in comparison to some that have a banded detail that goes flat across. This curved hemline allows your hips to happen regardless of how tall you are, as opposed to some cuts that guess incorrectly and fall funny on me.

So what makes this one different from the rest? CUFFINS!


Usually reserved for Define Jackets and older lululemon styles, this shirt features the ability to hid your white fingers (Thanks, Reynaud’s) inside your shirt while you’re waiting for the warmup to start. This is really the #1 reason why I even kept this shirt in hand. I get the white fingers, a lot. I don’t like the white fingers, and frankly, it freaks my friends and coaches out when I have two-toned hands in the winter.

Smartwatches comfortably covered: Garmin on the left, Apple Watch on the right.

What I didn’t expect was that the ruffled detail on the sleeve also solves a big problem I have as the weather cools down… smart watches.

A true dweeb, I wear an Apple Watch on the left and a Garmin Forerunner 235 on the right every. single. day. I always have to roll the sleeves of my trusty Swiftly Tech Long Sleeves because they just don’t have enough room to accommodate my gadgets comfortably.

The fact that there’s room for my watches without being uncomfortably tight is a big plus for me, and the seams nicely gather so that the cold air doesn’t come rushing in.


There’s a zippy key pocket on the left, but it doesn’t hold much. Keys, card, okay. Tiny flip phone from 2008? Perhaps. (I bet my shiny red KRZR would fit. That phone was the bee’s knees.)


iPhone 6S from right now? Unfortunately not. In the photo above, that’s as far as the phone will go.


We’ve got a bit of gathering detail on the shoulders, which is great when your arms are at your side, but can tend to puff up a little bit if you’re raising your arms.


The Extra Mile LS also passes the sleeve length test for my long arms. Some thumbhole items I can’t take advantage of (*cough cough* Scuba Hoodies), but this one works out fine for me.


The solid black is rulu, which you pretty much can’t go wrong with. TBH, there are a few features that I really dig, like the cuffins and gadget space… but for some reason I’m not over the moon in love with it.

I woke up from a dream about being in Aspen this morning, and so Colorado-bound January Katy is pulling at my sleeve saying “keep it, keep it!”, but October Katy is a little bit “meh, you already have 17 too many black long sleeved shirts. Do you need another?”

If you don’t already have a few similar tops for the colder months, I can see someone getting a lot of use out of this one. However, if you already have a few rulu LS’s in your stockpile, think long and hard about if the cuffins are worth $88 to you.

If you’re a cold hands gal, do it. If you’re not going to use that feature, the Extra Mile LS kind of falls in line as another plain black lululemon running shirt.


  1. I tried on this shirt a few weeks back, and wasn’t in love with it either. The ruffles were really cute, but the cut didn’t flatter me at all. I also thought the rulu wasn’t that great, in black. I didn’t try on the other colors. It was an easy pass.

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