5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 10/3/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Home sweet couch sweet Ben & Jerry’s  food coma at home. Coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz!

Not gonna lie, tonight’s upload is largely uninspiring. As you all know, the first upload of the month is *supposed to be* the most fruitful. While that would mean today, the items on my screen are not what I’d call any sort of exciting that I MUST HAVE NOW. 

Because upload is a bit of a zzzzz, this post will probably be too. I should be happy about this, because I am reaching the end of both my Formulx & Progenex, and reordered both today.

What’s that I hear?

Oh, that’s the sound of my wallet’s whimpering that it just spent $125 on glorified dust today. 

5 Faves & a Dud – Lululemon’s 10/3/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Energy Bra ($52) in foliage energy bra nulux moody blue

Complementary patterns, hooray!

Favorite #2: Twist & Reach Tank ($64) in heathered aeon

The tank is great with an on-trend high neckline and all, and the peekaboo in back? Also great.

 However, let’s talk about how much I want to take a pair of scissors to one of these and separate it into two pieces. Nothing I haven’t done before *cough* Work the Circuit Tank *cough* and it resulted in one of my favorite bras.

Favorite #3: Plank to Pike Long Sleeve ($78)

In the front, it seems like it’s a plain cropped crew neck LS. Cute enough. 

In the back, it channels the Portland Trailblazers logo, amirite?

And THEN… it’s got grippy dots on the arms to prevent sliding around when doing planks. Kind of gimmicky, kind of genius. 

Favorite #4: Swiftly Tech Racerback ($58) in scarlet

After forever, I finally hopped on the Swiftly Racerback train at Seawheeze. Probably going to ride this one out for a long time to come.

Favorite #5: Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz ($5) in your local grocery store 

I’m very proud of myself for eating my coffee ice cream at 7:30p this evening instead of 10p like last night. Now I have a chance of actually falling asleep before Wednesday. 

I’m such an adult. 

The Dud: Train Times 7/8 Pant ($98) in aura dark chrome multi/midnight navy

This may or may not be inspired by leftover carpet samples from Hotel Ballroom Decor Quarterly, Winter Edition, 1993.


  1. That last pant pattern definitely hotel ballroom decor, only not that nice, more like the continental breakfast room at .. I can’t wait to try that new Ben & Jerrys flavour, looks promising.

  2. The prints were quite disappointing apart from the print on the nulux energy bra. The others just look like paint splatter in different combos. I ever really liked the culture clash print for the same reason.
    Put some effort in lulu come on!
    Ben&Jerry’s all the way 🙂

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