Preview: 2017 SeaWheeze Exclusives (Women’s)


New in 2017, lululemon offered SeaWheeze runners a special chance to order 2 items from a small selection of exclusive gear in advance of the annual showcase extravaganza. After compulsively refreshing all morning, I was fortunate to be sitting and my computer when the happy email came through around 12:30p ET.

I know, you’re not here for the words, you’re here for the photos. I’ll shut up now. The two main themes offered were a jet stream with zippy green accents, and a print called tofino shells multi black/black, which looks almost like rocks under clear water.

SW2017 Exclusives: Jet Stream & Zippy Green

Pace Perfect Bra – Front
Pace Perfect Bra – Back
Chase Me Crop
Chase Me Crop


Sculpt Tank II
Is that a grapefruit RSYB?!

SW2017 Exclusives: Tofino Shells Multi Black

Tracker Short V
Tracker Short V
Sculpt Tank II
I spy a zippy green Invigorate Bra underneath!
Speed Tight V
Speed Tight V
Speed Short
Speed Short
Really, I’m posting this photo for the tank.
Run All Day Backpack II

This is probably just a tease for the pattern chop chop grapefruit dust coral, because WHO WASTES 1 of 2 ITEMS ON A SCRUNCHIE?!


Also, some Speed Socks. The blue ones make me think of R2D2.

Royal blue and lime green are my favorites, and they match my race shoes. I also have a soft spot for grapefruit. KUDOS to SW for listening to us and bringing back the colors!

This year’s showcase trip is going to get EXPENSIVE. 😀

Today was also *almost* expensive. I quickly added the Chase Me Crop and ol’ reliable, a pair of Speed Shorts to my cart and raced to the checkout. I had a few items earmarked in there from previous weeks’ uploads, and almost placed an order of $551 of gear in my haste. Heh.


  1. What did you end up getting? I went with the crops and the solid sculpt tank. I really debated the run all day backpack because I know those go fast at the showcase store but I already have 2. Maybe if I catch one there and I fall in love.

  2. I got the speeds and the speed tights. But I also really liked the royal blue sculpt tank and am actually very excited for “pattern chop chop grapefruit dust coral” – (although not for a scrunchie) (but oh my what a name.)

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