Full Collection: 2017 SeaWheeze Exclusives


Ah, nothing like spending a good half hour lollygagging in bed, taking and cropping umpteen million screenshots of last night’s video tease. So we crazy shoppers can strategize, Seawheeze has released a sneak peek at the FULL collection in advance of the annual Showcase store, so, you know… we can all plan our financial demises accordingly.

Less talking, more photos!

I am SO glad that Seawheeze listened to our feedback and seemed to right the ship after last year’s depressingly BLACK exclusive collection. I honestly thought to myself between yesterday’s pre-release and before this preview came out, “maybe if there’s nothing I REALLY want in the full peek then I won’t even get in line for the store at some asinine hour.”

My Lemonheaded Thoughts

Welp, I spy some royal blue and bright green stuff, so I guess my rear end is going to be out on the sidewalk with a book per usual.

  • Fast as Light Muscle Tank is already a hot commodity on the BST market, I wonder what the market will be like for SEAWHEEZE Fast as Light Muscle Tanks?
  • The squiggle print is a little strange, but who knows, I may think it’s funky enough in person to snag.
  • I’m not entirely convinced this is the full preview, some items that were sold yesterday (like the Run All Day Backpack in tofino shell) were not in the video, and I also could have sworn I saw a grapefruit RSYB that I also didn’t see featured here.
  • Blue Runsie! I am PROBABLY going to buy it, even though I need a royal blue runsie like I need a hole in the head.
  • This year’s lot also includes a few reflective pieces! I don’t need the tights (seeing that I *just* got my unicorn reptile Lights Out Pace Tights just this month), but the Speeds would sure be fun to have for outdoor concerts.
  • I’m probably going to beeline for the reflective gear, zippy green & jet stream anything, Invigorate Bras, Sculpt Tank IIs and Speeds. And probably a FAL Muscle Tank to see what all the fuss is about.

So, to narrow it down to a top 5 that I’ll probably make a run for (that I haven’t ordered already, and in no particular order)…

  1. Reflective Speed Shorts
  2. The Jet Stream Blue Onesie
  3. A Zippy Green Tank
  4. Jet Stream Sculpt Tank II
  5. Zippy Green Invigorate Bra

What about you?


  1. OMG the reflective stuff!!!! I really can’t justify it but I would love to snag those tights. I may take a good chunk of the morning here to make my wishlist…

  2. Definitely a long sleeve swiftly and probably that muscle tank. I’m hoping there are headbands at the store too!

    1. I’m willing to bet there will be more than a few to choose from 🙂

      On the other hand… I can’t believe they bothered to make a special edition scrunchie.

  3. I want. Everything pink. Literally all of it.

    And the RSYB. I don’t even care what color/patterns it comes in. I’m hoarding all of them I can.

    (Unrelated – Are you going to do a review of your Garmin? I have questions and the internet answers are not satisfying me.)

    1. You can have the pink, I’m going to go HAM on all the jet stream blue 😛

      I have no idea how in the F it slipped my mind to review the thing I’ve attached to my wrist for months. I made a super sad attempt at an unboxing video, and in a huff of dissatisfaction, I forgot to go back and straight out write my thoughts down. I’ll get to work on one!

      Let me know what your questions are so that I can include the answers in the review!

      1. Yay! I’m mostly interested in a not *super* technical runner review (dcrainmaker pretty much covered that). My questions:
        Do you wear it everyday? Or just when you run.
        If you wear it everyday does it do ok as a regular “watch” during the non-running?
        How do you feel about the size on your wrist?
        How hard was it to setup? Do you like/use the screens while you’re running? I have an old OLD forerunner and it feels impossible to get it set up to get the information I want.
        Do you use the phone controls for music (even better if you use them for Spotify??)

        That’s all I can think of at 5:30 in the morning . . .

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