5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 7/25/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Finally, I’m sitting here writing this post from my happy little home office. So what if I still have a half-packed suitcase in my bedroom, another in the living room and a massive grill box taking over most of the real estate in my kitchen? It may a bit discombobulated right now, but I’m happy to be back in my own space… and not a Marriott with cruddy air circulation so that the towels in the bathroom NEVER dried.

One Tuesday closer to Seawheeze, and another Tuesday dodged in wanting to try/buy anything new of the standard upload. This is good, seeing that the pre-wheeze online showcase store is happening this Thursday, 7/27 and you can bet your Wunder Unders I’ll be picking up a couple items in advance of the big day. Literally, a couple. Two item limit.

We had First Aid & CPR training at work today. I accidentally broke the dummy while giving it chest compressions. Guess you can’t say I’m not strong enough to break a rib.

5 Faves & a Dud – 7/25/17 Upload

This week’s theme is “we all live in a lulu submarine!” It’s the last upload of the month, and you die-hard lemonheads know that the best of the month generally comes in the first drop of each month. Being so late in July, I’m gravitating towards the pretty submarine color (even if it screams WINTER) and am taking it from there. It looks good with a nice tan (spray or UV, reader’s choice).

Favorite #1: Invigorate Bra ($52) in submarine

While a fair amount of Invigorates have found themselves in WMTM in recent months, I’m still a fan. While there’s just a touch less suppport, I’m a die-hard Energy Bra fan and this bra is the first one I’ve likened to an Energy in a very long time. If I’m lucky enough for a size 8 in this color to make it to markdown, it shall be mine.

Then again, I just snagged an alberta lake Energy just last month off WMTM. It’s tough to keep the collection straight. #firstworldproblems, I admit it.

Favorite #2: Align Pant II ($98) in submarine

The best excuse I can think of for buying these pants is “I haven’t gotten a new pair of Aligns in ages.” That’s probably not a good enough reason to make myself $100 poorer less than 3 weeks from the SW Showcase. Standing down for now.

Favorite #3: Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) *Tech Mesh ($118) in submarine

In the words of Justin Timberlake… what goes around comes around. Even though the Tech Mesh WUPs are a unicorn for some lulu lovers, they seem to come around every other year or so. They’re (kind of) scarce, but not scarce enough to pay astronomical secondhand prices if you miss out and still want a pair.

Not sure if we saw any in 2016 or if I’m drawing a blank. These may be on a biannual schedule. Side note: I would LOVE to see what would happen to the lulu-sphere if they did something like bring back the infamous quiet stripes. Suck that $400+ resale value right out of ’em.

ANYHOW, I tried on a pair of these back in 2015. Fun to wear if you don’t plan on bending or stretching in them. Too many seams pulling in 14 different directions on the front of my legs. Prance around in these at your own risk of annoyance.

Favorite #4: Minimal Short ($58) in black


Black sheep — I mean, shorts — alert. If you’re a regular AthletiKaty reader, you’ve probably read me gushing about “OMG this would look so cute at brunch” more times than (insert name of random relevant female celebrity) changes her lip color in a week.

Want to know how many times I’ve gone out for brunch this summer? Zilch. Zero. Nada.

I still want the shorts.

Favorite #5: Home Stretch Crop ($98) in submarine

So, these make the list because they remind me of the Illumina Crop from 2014. Slanted detail on the side, a little bit of reflecto for fun. I know that these are not and will not be the last pair of crops that lulu puts out with mesh along the side and with a little bit of shine and side pockets for your phone, but – this pair just happened to catch my eye this week.

Come on. Take a look at what we were working with this week. Grasping at straws.

The Dud: Cinch It Long Sleeve ($64)

Hey there girlfriend, there’s spaghetti hanging from your shirt. It’s going to get caught on a turnstile. Or a doorknob. Or in your kitten’s paws.

I’m actually not mad about the easy way to make a little bit of asymmetry happen. I’m distracted by all the leftover string. Watch me do something like go try this on for kicks and end up liking it. I would.


The entire lot overall was rather subdued. I was thinking during a 30min CrossFit EMOM of ways lulu could take their current color offerings and make it happen with some super mod color blocking.

Black Energy Bra with white and razzle straps? I want that. Too bad it DOESN’T F*CKING EXIST. Waaah.

Did anyone make any purchases this week? Off this upload, I didn’t. Off Posh? I may or may not have just snagged a Run For Your Money Jumper with the Seawheeze Sunset Festival in mind. I can’t be waltzing all up there in my Athleta romper. That would be lemon treason.


  1. Nothing from the upload here (it’s been awhile since that’s happened), but i did buy a power purple CRB and a pair of SW2016 speeds last week from a Facebook board. Already wore both!

  2. Ahh! I actually am debating the cinch shirt. I have a similar short sleeve one from Lucy that I love wearing. I guess I’m just a sucker for things you can wear to work then roll right into yoga class without changing? Ha.

  3. We need an OG CRB in submarine, but I’m somewhat thankful it doesn’t exist because I just dropped a bomb on Alala’s flash sale.

  4. I bought the cinch shirt. I have something similar in a heavier material. Shirts thst have a curved hem like that, tighter than a love tee.. Do wondrous things to the booty.

  5. I would buy that black energy bra with razzle and white stripes! Why is it the merchandise in my mind is always better than what shows up???

    1. Seriously! I tend to mindlessly scroll through Posh & Lulu Fanatics and dream of the stuff they COULD be doing with current colors & materials, but aren’t.

  6. Last ditch effort!! Can someone out there who actually got the Seawheeze email today let me know what time the online store opens?? I got a link from the GEC but didn’t ask about the time.


    1. I got the email about the store (but not the link itself) last week. Many people have asked on social media but all over FB the official reply was “no head starts for anyone, keep your eyes on your inbox.”

      My uneducated guess is not before 10:00a ET because plenty of people on the west coast could still be asleep if it’s all one mass email to all registrants. Super annoying, IMHO.

      Not everyone can be distracted by compulsively refreshing their personal email on their phones all day at while at work.

      1. This is where I am intrigued by their social media messaging. I don’t have FB but the seawheeze twitter (here – https://twitter.com/seawheeze/status/890276029620736000) says all the emails have gone out and if you didn’t get it call the GEC. So I did. And they were completely confused. And then I taught the girl who was helping me how to twitter. And she sent me a link.

        And also told me if you try to buy more than 2 items your order will be summarily cancelled no questions asked.

        I had hope that this wasn’t going to be a shitshow. I’m less confident now.

      2. I also have a gut feeling that whenever that this thing goes live, those people who magically actually got a link are all going to rush the site, overload it, time out and crash it anyway… and we ALL end up lined up on a sidewalk at 3:00a per usual.

    2. Waaaaait. After some Twitter stalking, emails *did* go out today and I was not on the receiving end of one.

      I know the intentions on this whole deal are well and good, but it seems pretty poorly-managed.

      1. See. The more I look the more I think I’m not supposed to have what I have (the link). Do you actually *know* anyone who got the email with a link? Because I think they’re sending them tomorrow and that social media person messed up and then I social engineered my way into getting something I’m not supposed to have yet.

      2. You’re the first I’ve heard directly from that has a link on hand. I was all set to hop in the shower and call it a night and now I’m trying to social media sleuth like you!

        There’s only one tweet saying they’ve gone out, and FB says keep all eyes on the inbox. Perhaps the Twitter rep misread her calendar.

  7. Now I’m snooping around the 900 FB comments and everyone on official FB is freaking out because they haven’t gotten an email. And the link she sent me is super generic, it’s legit the lulu website/Seawheeze, there’s nothing about it that screams “Kim’s special link.”

    So I think we’re safe.

    I also think I’m checking the link at 12:01 to see if it’s live πŸ™‚

      1. Let the obsessive email refreshing commence!!

        (Would it be wrong to schedule myself unavailable all day so I’m at my desk when it finally comes?)

      2. Not wrong at all. I’ve already informed my guy coworkers that I need to be a girl today and obsess over clothes when the time comes, so stay back! Haha

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