WMTM Alert: 6/1/17 Update

lululemonWMTM Alert

For the second week in a row, it seems as though lulu has been throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) into WMTM lately. Gone are the days with 35 items marked down, this week the number is again at 200+. Ready, set, notables!

WMTM Alert – 6/1/17 Update

  • First up, the Cool Racerback has resurfaced for $39 now, and in kayak, pink lemonade and gator green. I own all three, so no sweat there. However… for those who are eyeballing gator green… IT’S LUXTREME. NOT LUON. Order at your own risk. Lots of shoppers ended up getting reimbursed for theirs thanks to the false advertisement that happened back in December. Shop with caution. It’s a sheeny luxtremey trap!
  • Straight Up Bra – sz 4 only, black, only $29. A nice deal for wearing around the house.
  • The midnight navy Speed Shorts are great with the light blue down the back, but the $9 ‘discount’ is kind of a joke.
  • The price on the Gear Up LS has gone UP to $79 with a full size run (except 12), from $59 and only 8’s in stock? WTF, mate.
  • Lots of jewel toned options in the full-on luon Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) right now:
    • Forage Teal
    • Sapphire Blue
    • Wait… plain BLACK is on sale?! EVERYONE SNAP UP A PAIR NOW.
    • Tender Violet
    • Regal Plum
  • Before the Enlite Bra was a thing, the Ta Ta Tamer used to be the thing for ladies who needed a bunch of support. Still 2 colors kicking around for $49.
  • For a day bag, I do like the All Day Tote and All Day Tote Mini, priced at $99 and $89. Just don’t have a need for them. If you do, it looks like a nice non-floppy design to throw all your crap for the day in.
  • I lost my Seawheeze water bottle, and I’m not too happy about it. They were just like the Mini Purist Cycling Water Bottle, but standard size. Didn’t expect to love a water bottle so much, but the squeezy top is legit. Oh wait, the non-mini is also $9. Great add-on item.
  • The Arise Long Sleeve may go great as part of a business casual wardrobe.
  • Still eyeballing the Smooth Stride Long Sleeve with its baseball tee tailoring.
  • For some reason, the Sole Training 7/8 Tight still catch my eye every time I scroll on by. They’re $79 now.
  • As for blasting from the past…

Some things are tempting, but so is the idea of saving money for Seawheeze. Harrumph.


  1. I ordered a strap it like it’s hot tank and speed track shorts. Cancelled immediately because they didn’t actually have them. Whomp-whomp. So annoyed!

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