5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 5/30/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

My brain… it’s melting. Because lululemon’s upload LOOKS THE SAME every week. 5 Faves & a Dud is supposed to be an exciting Tuesday night event, not a drag of a chore that takes me an extra day or two to get to after returning home from yet another business trip. Yet, here I am with a late afternoon bottle of ketchup on a Thursday afternoon.

Here it all is, if you want to check out the full batch of your own in black, white & mute. If I *had* to choose? Well…

5 Faves & a Dud – 5/30/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Pack Light Bomber ($128) in black

I know I featured the Pack Light 1/2 Zip last week, but this week I couldn’t help but have the term ‘packing light’ on the brain. I just managed to stuff 2 nights worth of clothing & toiletries plus all of my necessary work equipment into a single backpack. Granted, it took a Kelty Redwing 44 to get it all in there, but I still had room to spare.

So, there’s that… and the fact that the gauziness of this jacket gives it a lighter feel, and hides wrinkles from packing. Also, drawstring backpack gimmick.

Favorite #2: Energy Bra ($52) in toothpaste

Nice to see an old school color rolled out of the vault. Not the brightest in the bunch, but better than another black & white pattern.

Fun fact: I actually typed black & shite instead of white the first go around. Maybe I should have left it as it was… because that’s pretty much an accurate reflection of EVERYONE’s sentiments when a new B&W shows up nowadays.

Favorite #3: Run All Day Backpack II ($118) in royal

Had I not sprung for a similarly-sized Osprey pack earlier this year, a Run All Day BP may be in my collection by now. Still having trouble calling this dull(ish) shade by its name, because I don’t consider that a true royal blue. Cute bag though.

Favorite #4: Swiftly Tech LS Crew ($78) in boysenberry

Thanks to drugstore makeup eyeshadow palettes, I know that dark purple makes my green eyes pop. I’d be buying this if it were October. But here’s a fun fact… it’s NOT OCTOBER. Where’s the neon pink and the scream green? I need me some brights, lulu!

Favorite #5: Fast & Free Bra ($68) in salt dark mystic black

Highlighting this one more for the pattern than the design itself. I see she’s got some tights on in the same pattern, and so my fingers are crossed we’ve got more F&F crops on the way. Anytime I see a Nulux tight, I wish for them to show up in a crop too (cough cough black grape Y U NO A CROP AND JUST A TIGHT!)… a girl can dream. Or grab scissors.

The Dud: Light Locks Scrunchie ($14)

I am Regina George and Lululemon is Gretchen Wieners. Stop trying to make scrunchies happen.

ALSO… WMTM was updated pretty hard again today. 140 items this morning, with the peak at 228 around lunch time today. I’ll do my best to scour through for any pretties at reasonably discounted prices and get that post up soon.

Happy (what’s left of) Thursday!! 🙂


  1. I ended up buying the ‘royal’ blue backpack. And it is a cute backpack but clearly so dull that even my husband thinks it’s not so girly that he wants to use it for his runs :S

    I need some neon pinks too! And some bright versions of all the purples going around. I don’t want my lulu things to turn into unisex clothing and accessories!!!

    FYI, I’m new to your blog and loving this space:-)

    1. If he borrows your backpack, okay. Just need to be careful if he starts trying on any Boogie or Wunder Shorts you may have laying around 🙂 😛

      Welcome to my little corner of the internet, btw. Happy that you’re here!!

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