WMTM Rundown: 5/11/17 Update

lululemonWMTM Alert

WMTM hasn’t been looking too strong lately, so ‘alerts’ haven’t really been warranted. Can’t help but wonder if the upcoming warehouse sale in Dallas next weekend (May 19-21) has something to do with it.

Since it’s been a couple weeks, here’s what’s half decent right now.

WMTM Alert: Lululemon’s Latest Sales

  • Out to Lunge Untight Tight – I’m actually wearing these as I sit in an airport and type this post up. Without being baggy, the fit is a little relaxed. If you are looking for leg openings that aren’t skin tight but looking for a Wunder Under -ish feel up top, go with the smaller size if you find yourself between two.
  • I am still amused by the fact that lululemon’s marking down a Swiftly Tech LS from $78 to $69 is considered a ‘sale’ in their book, given that less than a year ago regular price was $68. Cerulean blue & black is still pretty, though.
  • I like the score jacquard luxtreme weave. For a subtle black/hero blue mix, the Wunder Under Pant III look to be a good time.
  • Surprised to see a midnight navy Power Y Tank in here. I still haven’t tried one.
  • Fun blues in the Wunder Under Pant III
    • strive multi black
    • shatter weave desert teal alberta lake
    • midnight tulle multi
  • One more score (pun intented) with the score jacquard black indian ocean High Times Pant. I want these!
  • Was I sleeping under a rock when the ooh-la-lace wunder under 50g dark carbon black/dark carbon Hi-Rise Wunder Under Pants were released? Probably. Welp, they’re on sale now. And, they’re nulux. I like nulux. $109 is the MD price. Not cheap.
  • I’ve been wondering lately if &Go died and I slept through that news too. So much lululemon &Go is part of my work wardrobe! May have to see if I can find the black cherry City Trek Trouser in a store, seeing that only 12’s are available online. Worth noting, the last pair of these I got on MD for $59 in store as opposed to $100+ online, so I may be hunting down a brick & mortar deal on these.
  • There are still a few hero blue Gear Up LS‘s available in my size. Do I do it? The price has dropped to $59.
  • Aaaaahahahah people like to judge and call it a fanny pack but I think belt bags are great. If I didn’t already snag one last year, I’d probably hop on the Go Lightly Belt Bag now that it’s marked down a bit.
  • $29 is by no means a bad price for a Vinyasa Wrap, especially when one of the options is solid black.

I shouldn’t order anything. I just treated myself to that pretty new swimsuit (Wild Abandon One Piece) and some Speed Shorts this week. Closing the laptop, walking away… hopefully not caving and firing up the app…



  1. Got the thrive viridian green speed shorts on MD on the Hong Kong site. The underside of the shorts were solid viridian green and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. Now I’m sad cos they released the viridian green crb 2 and not the OG crb.

  2. I jumped on those Ooh-la-lace WU. I’ve been waiting for them to go to MD since January. I was hoping for more of a price drop, but a lot of sizes were sold out. A Going Places Hoodie also managed to fall into my cart. I can’t let the WU travel by themselves, right?

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