5 Faves & a Dud: Lululemon’s 5/9/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I am currently sipping on a hot chocolate of pity. In May. While I’m feeling improvement out on the streets with my distance running, I am 100% terrible when it comes to 400s and 800s in my CrossFit metcons lately. Like, slowest person in class/the gym, which never used to be the case. I wasn’t the fastest, but I sure wasn’t last. Something isn’t adding up, and I have yet to figure out what the missing puzzle piece may be.

How about some snazzy new gym threads to take my mind off how angry and upset I am with my legs’ lack of performance? Okay!

5 Faves & a Dud – 5/9/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Speed Short *High Waist ($58) in jet stream

Yesssssss! I missed out on the high-waisted Speeds last year. I tried a pair on in store, but they only had a print that I didn’t like in my local store. Seeing that I kicked myself for a year about missing these, I’m not going to let that happen again. Now I just wonder if I should go with jet stream or basic black? I just got the blazer blue Speeds earlier this year, but when do I ever wear my solid black Speeds? Next to never.

Favorite #2: Align Pant ($98) in boysenberry

So many deep purples to choose from lately! Not the bright spring colors we’re all sitting and hoping for, but I’ve got to give credit where it is due when an eggplanty shade of pants catches my eye. Still crossing my fingers and hoping for a black grape Fast & Free Crop. Probably not gonna happen, but a girl can dream. I know they have the black grape nulux, they made pants with it!

I digress.

Favorite #3: Wild Abandon One Piece ($128) in deep coal

I *may* just have to pull a treat yo self in addition to the HW Speeds. I missed out on those hi-rise swim bottoms I liked earlier in the season (shame on me for thinking they wouldn’t sell out), and all the lulu swimwear I own I’ve been a fan of. It’s fun, it’s different, and it helps me shield my pasty white midsection from the world. Plus, the zippy v-neck. That’s sassy.

Favorite #4: Sun Setter Bra ($68) in royal

So, I’m having a little bit of a difficult time reconciling the name ‘royal’ with a muted shade of blue. I’m also having a hard time typing this blog post because Lorde’s Royals is going through my head. Coincidentally, my boss and I were talking about that song last night. Now it will be in your head too:

As for the bra, I don’t really have the hot bod to pull it off, but it’s not going to stop me from sitting here and admiring it.

Favorite #5: On the Fly Pant ($98) in dark adobe

Usually, the jogger-ish drop crotch pants don’t work on me. By the time I pull them up high enough so that said drop crotch isn’t too droopy, the pants come up to that awkward part of my stomach that will NEVER be flat, and it gets frumpy.

However, these pants appear to have a lower rise, which could remedy that styling issue for me. I want to tuck my top in to show a little of the waistband, but the pants come up too high and that ish just doesn’t work. May have to make my way into a store to give these babies a go. Plus, dark adobe will look good on me once I (hopefully) get a tan.

The Dud: Lean In Short Sleeve ($68) in midnight navy

All it’s missing are some huge white block numbers on the back, and it looks like when cheerleaders used to wear the guys’ football jerseys in high school. Too big, too meshy, no thanks. Go team!

But Wait, There’s (Actually) More!

Last week’s upload, not the most exciting. Didn’t I do something like highlight something from my spice cabinet? Maybe that was 2 weeks ago. ANYWAY, there are a fair amount of goodies to be noted this week.

  • The Go Lightly Shoulder Bag looks to be restocked in black! I love mine and use it daily. Grab one before they’re gone… again 🙂
  • Given that it was featured in lulu’s instagram story last night, it sounds like they’re trying to make the Vinyasa Scarf relevant again. I like the heathered black grape, but I’m having a hard time thinking of enough in my closet that it would match.
  • The trending colors of the week seem to be royal (blue), more dark forest carryover from last week, and boysenberry.
  • A few more core styles are available in dark forest this week.
  • Am I a ROYAL pain in the arse for getting that song stuck in your head yet?
  • I need another lululemon ball cap like I need to eat a banana split at 2am (I don’t), but the pattern on the Baller Hat *Stripe Spacer has grabbed my attention. Good thing I didn’t zoom in on this until AFTER I placed my order tonight.
  • We had two gimmicky Speed Short varieties to choose from this week – the high waist (which I ordered) and the perforated kind, which I’m not sure I understand.
  • Be careful when ordering the Sun Setter Untight Tight. If they’re anything like the Out to Lunge Untight Tight that I have, they’re a bit looser fit in the top than I expected. Had I tried them in store instead of online, I may have sized down.
  • The print du jour is transition multi midnight navy/black, which is a bit ice cold winter-looking for my tastes. From far away, it kind of reminds me of the death star in Star Wars. If you’re into the print, options options options.
  • The Ebb to Street Tank seems to have risen from the dead.
  • Can someone tell me that I don’t need a pretty midnight navy All Day Tote? Thanks.
  • MOAR SWIM! 🙂 This may be the last go around for lulu swim this season. They usually come out with a few waves, and then inventory dwindles over the summer. It’s a novelty suit, but I’m pretty stoked about the one-piece that I highlighted above.
  • The designs aren’t that bad, but I wish there were a brighter color or contrast to the designs. Not really feeling the navy on blue.
  • I had the Endless Horizons Bottom in my cart, to the point of reviewing all the items in my cart before hitting the final purchase button, but then I saw the order total over $200 and wimped out. They’re made of a new fabric called Ecra, which has a matte finish. I’m not sure how it would mix in with my other Aquelu pieces, so I ultimately decided that I only could have ONE piece of swim, and the onesie was it.

I did some Tuesday evening damage this week, which is something I haven’t done in a while. I went with the high waisted Speeds in jet stream, the Wild Abandon One Piece in deep coal, and a pair of Secret Socks. I know it’s only been 20 minutes since placing my order, but come on mailman!

IMHO, this week was one of the stronger uploads we’ve seen in a little bit. Does anyone else out there agree?


  1. I’ve got to say, my Vinyasas are some of my favourite Lulu pieces. They are perfect for a cover-up in ballet when I’m warming up, great for travel, and are still in great shape years later!

    1. I agree! Love them for travel, no matter what.

      Seems a bit odd to me that they’re choosing the beginning of the warm season to start releasing more. I’d have been more apt to score a new on in March 🙂

  2. If you bought the speeds in jet stream (blue) and if you happen to have anything in pigment blue, would you please do a color comparison? Pigment blue is pretty much my all-time favorite lulu color. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sue! I can do a color comparison with some others, but unfortunately don’t have pigment blue in my closet. In the bright blue family, I’ve got pipe dream, porcelaine, blazer blue and baroque blue.

      1. Ahhh so funny I just saw your instagram mail day video and I was wondering the same. Can you post photo of color comparison next to any other bright blue speeds you have !!! 💕💕thank youuuuu

      2. I’ll do one with ALL the blues early next week! Unfortunately didn’t have any daylight to work with before having to skip town for the weekend 🙁

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