5 Faves & a Dud: Blueberry Jam Session

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Greetings from 6,000 feet! Tonight is a quasi-milestone for me. If I don’t buy anything from lululemon before midnight, I will have gone a full month without giving lulu any money since some point back in 2014.

*gasp shock awe*

I still did a little bit of retail damage in the past week or so, to the tune of… MOAR Sorels. Long story short, I left my snow boots at home and found myself with a ticket to snowmobile through the backcountry and inappropriate footwear. FUN FACT: Sorel is owned by Columbia. So, when I noticed an outlet center halfway to Steamboat, I decided to drop in and see if the Columbia outlet happened to be peddling any of my favorite boots for a reasonable price, because… ain’t nobody got any business on a snowmobile in trail runners.

Three cheers for my size 9 feet translating nicely into a Men’s 7.5. Take home price = $39.

In the spirit of lululemon’s showcasing a bit of the blues lately, my new Sorels & steeply discounted snow pants are also blue. Just kidding. Total coincidence. I got lucky that the only things available in my budget and size were blue and happened to match one another.

Now I don’t mind if it snows in CT until May. While still not anything to send me in a buying frenzy (which would ruin my month-long resistance), lululemon released a thing or two on tonight’s upload that caught my eye.

5 Faves & a Dud – 2/28/17 Upload

Favorite #: Out to Lunge Untight Tight ($98) in black

The name of this design is a biiit out to lunch, but I like the design. Some of the skinny jean/ankle boot trends feature a bit more fabric around the ankle, so I’m happy to see lululemon following suit. I like the looser leg fit on the bottom, but that type of style usually comes along with a drop crotch, which is a look I can’t pull off.

If the lulu drought ends in March, it will likely include a pair of these pants. They’re a bit reminiscent of the Skinny Grooves of once upon a time.

Favorite #2: Smooth Stride Hot Short ($58) in black

What catches my attention most on these are the reasonable inseam and zipper pocket on the back of the waistband. I know that tight shorts with longer inseams aren’t always the most popular, but the slightly more generous amount of fabric to fight against chub rub wins points in my book, and the side pockets on these are rather fun too.

Favorite #3: Fast Track Duffel ($128) in black

It comes with a removable heat-proof case for your freshly hot hair straightener. Need I say more? Granted, I know it’s not necessarily a big enticement for such a considerable price tag, but I am very happy with the full-size lululemon duffel I purchased last year. Therefore, this is a recommendation for anyone who’s looking to spruce their act up while on the road for a short weekend trip.

At some point in every young professional woman’s life, she eventually realizes that it’s time to move on from the utilitarian duffel she received for opening a checking account back during the summer before college.

Favorite #4: Swiftly Racerback Tank ($58) in aurora/black

While the original Cool Racerback is popping up in a few more colors lately, I’m still not entirely convinced that it’s going to hang around. That said, I’m thinking I may have to turn my attention toward the Swiftly Racerback sooner or later if I want to add any more to my collection. Given that I’ve fallen pretty hard into the Swiftly LS rabbit hole over the past year or two, could tank tops be next?

Favorite #5: Energy Bra Shibori ($52) in shibori magnum black

While lululemon lasts a long time, I’m starting to find that some of my earliest pieces (a few fullux Energy bras from circa 2013-2014) aren’t going to last forever. Luon is holding up, but I have multiple black/gray Energy Bras in the fullix family that I wear all the time and just aren’t holding up as well anymore.

That said, this one’s catching my eye for the replacement plan.

The Dud: Sole Training Short Sleeve ($68) in black

This week, I am not (nor can I imagine that anyone else is) interested in purchasing something so boxy. It looks like the torso is somewhat tapered in an effort to conceal said boxy shape, but the flare out at the bottom hits the model in an awkward place. Naaaah.

In Conclusion…

Those Out to Lunge Untight Tights are the reason that there even exists an “are leggings pants?” argument in the fashion world today. I like them. I want them.

Anything else on the upload page? Sadly for the sake of novelty but happily for the sake of growing my savings account, the persistent lack of variety in lululemon’s latest uploads is making it pretty easy to close the app and not think twice.

If inkwell, deep navy, naval blue or hero blue haven’t already done it for you this season, take blueberry jam for a spin. Or…

photo: stepin2mygreenworld


  1. Nope. And that makes nothing in February for me either… saw on lulumum’s blog that she went the whole month without a purchase too. Your Sorel’s are cute and I didn’t know they were part of Columbia either. Those look like a real score.

    1. I know Agent Athletica did a February spending freeze too. Mediocrity across the board, as all of our wallets breathe a collective sigh of relief.

      As for the boots, believe it or not they are from the Men’s line! But hey, for $39, I couldn’t go wrong. 🙂

      The only reason I even figured out the Columbia connection is that when I was on Sorel’s site last week, I clicked on a link and my Safari address bar lit up green as securely on a Columbia Sportswear server. After some google sleuthery, I learned they acquired Sorel in 2000. #trivia

  2. Oohh thanks for the Columbia – Sorrel connection. There are two outlets near by and now I’m going to keep them on my radar. Also bring me all the dark blues; blueberry jam, midnight navy, nocturnal teal, inkwell.

    1. I like blueberry jam, it gets frustrating when you pounce on the first navy you see only to have a ‘better’ navy come out as soon as the return window closes!

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