WMTM Alert: 2/23/17

lululemonWMTM Alert

Can I go on record and say how much wet snow sucks? Kind of killing my “wanna play outside” mojo. Oh, Colorado. Stoked about all the suggestions you ladies left on Tuesday’s post, though. THANK YOU! 🙂

WMTM Alert – 2/23/17

Looks like while I was busy cleaning off the car for the umpteenth time, some half decent items made their way to WMTM today:

  • First off, the Hi-Rise Wunder Under Crop in score jacquard black polar pink is a bit of a win. I got the sapphire blue variety back in January and am very happy with them!
  • The On Track Tight, which is reminiscent of vintage lululemon with its curved seams sees a $29 reduction in price. $89 still isn’t cheap, though.
  • The On Track Crop is now going for $69
  • I wanted so much to like the blocked patterns on the Hi-Rise Wunder Under Pants in ice breaker white black/iced wave white black, but it seems they got a frosty reception at full price. (See what I did there? Ice? Frosty? Heheheheh)
  • I’m a fan of lululemon sweaters as long as they are handled with the most delicate care on laundry day. That said, if you’ve been cautious to give on a go with a triple digit price tag, the Sit in Lotus Sweater is now down to a bit more reasonable $69.
  • Hooray! Looks like someone finally realized that the main photo for the Kitsilano Mock LS should *not* be a girl in a long down jacket almost completely concealing the item they’re trying to sell.
  • If you want something plain and black… there’s no shortage of options.


If I can just hang on for 5 more days I will have gone a full month without something new from lululemon. I’d call it a retail WIN, but the fact of the matter is that I love REI a bit too much lately. Hooray for the great outdoors!

Did anyone find anything they’ve been eyeballing marked down this week? Nada here to tempt me to break the no lulu streak.

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