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Happy Tuesday all! Shorty post to check in, because Tuesday evenings are a bit of a habit around here.

Scrolling through upload, there is next to NOTHING of note this week, so I already don’t have much motivation to write up a full 5 Faves & a Dud at this point in time. However, I say next to nothing because what I *did* see is that there are 3 new ORIGINAL Cool Racerback tanks uploaded this week, in Sapphire Blue, Heathered Deep Navy & Cranberry, for the old price of $42. Not sure if it’s a resurgence (I’ve been slacking on lulu stalkery/intel lately), or if it’s false hope.

EDIT: This screenshot below is the perfect example of why writing Tuesday posts is getting a bit more difficult.



So, I love Colorado. A lot. No, I don’t smoke weed. That state is so chock full of natural beauty, I’ve been claiming since the first time I went out there in 2011 that I want to move to Colorado the minute my professional life allows. (Utah, you’re in second place.)

You simply can’t hate on a place that looks like THIS.

It’s been less than 3 weeks since I got back from Aspen, yet I lucked into 2 upcoming work assignments in the incredibly near future out in Boulder. This time, I will actually have a few days to get out and EXPLORE!

So, while you came for a list of lulu things I like this week, I’m hoping that instead you may leave a few suggestions in the comments section of your favorite winter activities in Colorado (preferably within a 3 hour drive of Denver), so that I can make sure I hustle around and do it all. At this point in time, the itinerary is blank.

The short list includes Rocky Mountain National Park and Colorado Springs. Given said blank slate, I’m going to throw a bunch of outdoor gear into a suitcase now, and hope for the best.

Ready, set… MOUNTAINS!


  1. I live between Denver and Boulder!!!!! Some fun things to do are:
    -Estes Park
    -Denver Botanic Gardens
    -Red Rocks Amphitheater (it’s a park so it’s open all the time, not just for concerts!)
    -Pearl St. in Boulder for walking around/shopping/people watching
    -The flagship REI store in downtown Denver
    -Union Station

    Okay, those aren’t all wintery things…but they’re fun!!

      1. I’d bring them, there’s nothing worse than cold, wet feet! Definitely check the weather for ALL the places you’re planning on going…Denver/Boulder has been in the 50’s and 60’s for the last few weeks. But it’s still winter up in the mountains. But bring sandals too 🙂

  2. Vail is a super adorable place to visit! It’s a resort town about an hour and a bit west of Denver. I lived in Colorado for a summer, and the drive to Vail was totally worth it, loved just walking around town, tons of cute little shops and boutiques.

  3. You must go to Eldorado Canyon outside of Boulder. Flat irons are a fun place to hike. The Boulder Tea House is beautiful. For coffee I recommend Box Car coffee. The Coors brewery tour in Golden is kind of silly but kind of fun. I guess it’s the free beer. This is kind of an in-between season. It’s been so warm that skiing is not great at the moment. But the mountains are still pretty snowy. I’ll add more things when I think of them. Have fun!!

  4. I would probably skip Colorado Springs. I don’t think there is anything too spectacular there.

    You’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions!

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