WMTM Alert: 2/16/17 [Updated]


So, I’m probably doing this WAAAAY too early in the day, but I saw a 20 item jump and I’ve got a few minutes to type. So, here we are. Will certainly update this post if things get more exciting later today!

EDIT: Of course they did. Scroll down for the updated goodies 🙂

WMTM Alert – 2/16/17 Upload

  • Sleet Sprinter Jacket – Now down to $129! Had I known that… I’d have waited and saved $40. Size 10’s only, which is… my size #whompwhomp FYI, I love this jacket to the moon and back, so if you’re a 10, BUY IT 😀
  • Break Free Kit (Sweaty) – It was gone, now it’s back. For $19 it’s been a nice little add to my traveling toiletry collection. Not to mention, I actually used it for its intended purpose after changing at the gym last week. Keep your clothes away from the knee sleeves!
  • Circuit Breaker Skirt (Tall) – another disappearance and a return to WMTM, still in darkest magenta for Size 10’s only. For $39, I’m tempted.
  • Featherlight Singlet Mesh – another score for size 10’s out there! $49, one size one color and that’s it.
  • Fleece Please Pullover – size 2’s, only $39 for a nicer version of what you used to wear around the house in high school all the time
  • Going Places Jacket – $59, size 4 only. I’m sure it’s warm but it isn’t spectacular.
  • It’s Fleecing Cold Zip Up – $49, 8 only. Same commentary as the Going Places Jacket
  • No Shivers Neck Warmer – Ski bunnies, this is a $29 deal! Snag it while it’s frigid out!
  • Race To Place Run Hat 2.0 – good hat, bad print: mini pop cut boom juice multi/hero blue I don’t care if you’re only $19
  • Rush Hour Tank – Size 10 only
  • Tracker Short IV – graf black/white, 4 only
  • Wander Pant – 2,4,8, $79. I like the looks of them, but the reviews don’t show promising durability. Tread carefully!

UPDATE – I knew I hit ‘post’ too early in the day. Here are the additional pieces that made it today:

Those Run It Out Tights are really going to test me. REALLY. Maybe if I just put them in my cart and hope they sell out before I fold like a napkin? Maybe? Yes, let’s try that.

Happy shopping 🙂 Again.


  1. I saw that Top Knot Toque at the outlet yesterday and it was marked down to $9. So, I thought maybe I’d try one more time to see if I can get the cuteness of the model photo. I couldn’t get it on my head, like not even a little. Embarrassing since I wasn’t in the dressing room, and everyone in the store could see me mess up my hair trying!! My 10 year old wanted to it, so I let her try to put it on. She really struggled to get it on and then said it was uncomfortable…so glad I never caved and bought it off WMTM!!!!

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