WMTM is Drunk

lululemonWMTM Alert

Well, lulu snuck in another update to WMTM today. Prices on some existing items have dropped, as well as some notable adds like…

  • Outrun Crop in true red (a personal fave)
  • More CRB IIs
  • A few items in moonlit magenta 
  • Multiple items that *just* dropped Tuesday being pushed out the door (!!!)

I’m 73% asleep at the moment, however thought it was worth a quickie post to share the heads up. 

Head on over and find yourself a deal!

Happy shopping Part II!


  1. It’s so crazy. Got myself a FTB in Moonlit Magenta because I’d been hoping it would go on MD. So tempted by the LS swiftly, but I got Power Purple not that long ago. I haven’t seen them it in person to know if they are too similar to justify.

  2. Was at my store Saturday morning and they were in a markdown frenzy. I tried on all the crops/pants in jacquard spray variations but couldn’t like any of them no matter how cheap. But snagged the black crb ii in peek variation – something different and pace rival crops in emperor mini hound so super happy. Good surprise – thanks for reporting

    1. Great score on the mini hound pace rivals!!! Those are cute! I happened to pop into the outlet today and they were also doing deep markdowns again. There must be an insane amount of inventory they need to unload. Bought two goal crusher tanks for $14 each.

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