WMTM Alert: I’ll Fluff & Puff and Flow Y(our) House Down

lululemonWMTM Alert

Giving that last week’s upload was intense, I wasn’t expecting much this go around. Not sure what the app looks like, but the desktop site is showing a bunch of jackets up top.


WMTM Alert – 10/20/16 Upload

Not everything listed above is necessarily new this week. There’s a lot kicking around on WMTM right now, it’s a little bit of a crapshoot depending on your size and personal style. There are a few items I’m considering, but if I order anything today then that will make 3 Thursdays in a row and that’s just not the kind of streak I want to be on right now.

Happy shopping! 😀


  1. Does anybody else feel like the WMTM drops have been a bit kooky the past few weeks? For example…product drops then disappears but then shows up again. Or have you noticed a difference between the full website and app listings? A few weeks ago I put a CRB in my bag but then waited to purchase it. It was certainly in my bag for 2 days. Then the color disappeared from the WMTM but was never a full price listing, possibly a Canadian color? Then the item in my bag had no color listed next to it… It was like a ghost item, very strange. A CRB was listed in my bag with a size but not color and the picture was gone too. Two weeks later it reappeared in WMTM and my bag so I made sure to execute the purchase right away.

    On Thursdays I can check the drop right at at noon because it’s lunch time for me on the east coast. I am always sure to check back because sometimes things trickle in, understandable.

    Today the energy bra in mini boom bloom beach blanket blue ice milk is listed, I’m sure it wasn’t there earlier and wasn’t it new this week??

    The strap it like it’s hot bra (love it!) I can’t tell you how many times a new color pops up and then disappears. I’ve been trolling that one hard because it’s my all time favorite and I was late to the game and was only able to find one in my size. The pink, the blue, the black….then only multi is available, but if you wait a few weeks the blue will come back.

    Also the inspire tight II in warp prep red black/black, those were not there earlier. i would have noticed those bad boys. Now I feel like if I see something I can’t rely on the color or item to be actually available and should buy everything NOW before it goes poof!

    Anyway it just seems like there are more “glitches” with prices and availability than before. Maybe it’s all related to the old random items showing up? Inventory control issues?

    1. I don’t know how long you’ve been buying lulu but the WMTM drops have always been weird. Sometimes more than other times though. Today in particular was odd with things showing up and disappearing.

      1. I’ve been buying Lulu for a few years and I have noticed that the drops do tend to trickle in and can be flukey. It just seems more so lately with items being resurrected from the dead or doing odd disappearing/ reappearing acts. Just curious. 🙂

  2. The rain for daze jacket has been on WMTM for weeks. Also the fluff jackets and vests uploaded last week as well.

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