WMTM Alert: 9/29/16 (incl MORE Dottie Tribe)

lululemonWMTM Alert

Happy National Coffee Day! This coffee is not helping me keep calm and deal with the fact that YEARS of files went *p00f* into the abyss at work overnight, and IT hasn’t been able to rescue them yet.

Check out the latest selection of discounted lululemon.

I thought everyone LOVED dottie tribe and bought it all at full price. Guess not?

WMTM Alert – 9/29/16 Upload



  1. The Rush Hour 1/2 zip caught my attention the other day (because Rulu) but then the Face the Frost popped up in black grape. So for $20 less and a great color it’s mine.

    As for the Runaway jacket….so confused. I bought the same jacket, description and color (pebble print parfait pink alberta lake) on WMTM back in March 2015. Yes 2015, I do not recall seeing it pop up since. Weird.

    1. I love the Face the Frost. I got it end of season last year. Perfect for cold weather running. Tempted to buy another since they have a different color.

      I got the Lumatrix WUPs today. Love them!

      1. Did your face the frost pill like some of the reviews? And how comfortable are the sleeves? It looks so, SO cute! But I’m scared to pull the trigger because of a few reviews:)

  2. The Runaway jacket popped up a few weeks ago at full price. It was the same time that you asked if Lulu just found a warehouse Bc there were some old stuff that popped back.

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