5 Faves & a Dud: The Home of the Brave (Olives)

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Good thing I opted not to turn last night’s debate into a drinking game. What a circus that turned out to be. I don’t like to push politics or anything online, but I will say this to everyone eligible to vote in America this year… please do your reading before voting.


I don’t care if you’re for Hillary, the Trumpster, Johnson or Spongebob Squarepants… as long as you can explain why. Instead of basing your entire decision on a few debates, for luon’s sake please do some research on these policies referenced on TV. There are even websites (ex isidewith.com) that quiz you on your own personal views on certain issues, and will let you know who your answers align with at the end of said quiz. You may find that the big 2 actually agree on some issues.

Complex policies can’t be explained in 2-minute microspeeches. Again, I don’t care who you choose to support, as long as you do your homework about it. Stepping down off the soapbox now.

Being the last upload of the month, this week’s selection is miniature. Last week’s new gear shows up on the bottom half of this week’s What’s New section. Pickin’s are slim.

5 Faves & a Dud – 9/27/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Rush Hour Jacket ($148) in sapphire blue

Cute, waterproof, fitted, flattering. All the things that make me want to part with $148. I will not, but I want to. This is perfect timing to release this jacket, as the weather is finally starting to turn to that somewhat cool sweet spot, aka October. THE BEST MONTH EVER.

Favorite #2: Rush Hour 1/2 Zip ($108) in black

2 for 2 on Rush Hour pieces so far. Like the clothing, don’t like the time of day that causes you to be late for things. I should talk, my commute to work is a mile. Maybe. I’m spoiled.

Favorite #3: The Judge’s Commentary During Ryan Lochte’s DTWS Performance Last night

img_8838So I haven’t watched DWTS in a few seasons, but the results show is on in the background right now. They’re replaying last night’s dances with the judges’ mics open during the performances so you can hear their live off-the-cuff commentary. Let’s just say that Ryan Lochte should stick to swimming.

Favorite #4: All Days Vest ($168) in black

HOW COOL IS THIS. I got a long vest from the lululemon warehouse sale in Boston last fall, and think it’s one of the oddest and most fun pieces in my winter wardrobe. Shorter shoppers may get lost in this one, but for us tall women – fluffy puffy SCORE!

Favorite #5: Baller Hat *Felt ($38) in black

Why did this really catch my attention? I want to learn how to get my hair to wave like the model’s. But hey, the hat and its diamond embroidery are cute too.

The Dud: Muscle Love Crop Tank ($68)

So much money for so little shirt. Whoever set the price point on this top really shouldn’t have gone to happy hour first.

Olive What You’ve Done With the Place

  • While not running across the top of the page, earth tones have made a move in, mainly in the olive green department:
  • The Ready to Rulu Hoodie is looking hella comfortable. Did I seriously just use the term ‘hella’? Someone stick me in time out.
  • Now that temps are beginning to drop and weekends go from beach trips to COUCH STATUS, grab a pair of the Ready to Rulu Pant to match that hoodie.
  • The power luxtreme spray jacquard sapphire blue black/black has made its way to another classic core style, the Speed Tight V. Thick weave, but an incredibly flattering texture!
  • As the unfriendly elements of fall weather move on in, lulu’s offering up 2 more longer jacket options, the All Days Softshell and Savasana Waterproof Jacket II. The Savasana has a hood, the All Days does NOT.
  • If the hero blue Scuba Hoodie III had a gold zipper (as opposed to silver), I’d be SOLD.
  • You can never go wrong with a textured black & white scarf/wrap, so the latest Vinyasa Wrap (hazy heather heathered white heathered black/black) should sell well.
  • If you’re short enough to pull off the Hotty Hot Skirt without being indecent, give the chilled grape a try.
  • The military green Yin Time Bag has a textured polka dot pattern to it. Where have I already seen polka dots this week? (Oh Hey: UAS)
  • The perennial lightweight running accessories for the winter have returned! While they don’t do TOO much for warmth, I still wear my Run With Me Gloves all the time, because they’re just so easy to stuff into your purse/pockets when you get inside.
  • To keep your ears warm while leaving the obscene pineapple untouched, give the Run With Me Ear Warmer II or Top Knot Toque a go.

I brought a few new babies home from Nordstrom Rack this weekend, named Paige, Hudson and Sorel. Needless to say, no new lulu for me this week. Who bought what, so I can live vicariously through you?


  1. I’m braving the price to try out that olive LS swiftly. 😉 I’m a sucker for wearing them to work with nice jeans, and that feels like one I can maybe get away with. But man, that price tag…

  2. My interest was piqued: I ordered the olive CRB, olive crops, olive scarf, grey wild bra, rush hour 1/2 zip in jacquard and the sattva sweater in grey to try.

  3. I decided to get a few things to try, including the All Days Vest. I am 5’7″, so I think it will be a great length. Then, I flipped through my new Athleta catalog and saw their Downieville CYA Vest, which seems similar, but with more details/features – detachable hood, zip front, waist cinch option. Ordered that, too, and will have a head to head showdown (ha!) when they arrive!

      1. Tried them on back to back over the weekend, and promptly returned the All Days Vest. Still thinking about keeping the Downieville CYA Vest. Side by side the Downieville was the clear winner on quality, fit, and features. Price was $168 for All Days Vest vs. $178 for Downieville (but Gap rewards FTW!). I’m still trying to figure out the benefit of a water resistant down garment without sleeves, but I love the idea of this vest for the milder winters in my area – errands, car trips – less bulk than a full fledged parka. Hope this helps someone!

  4. I liked the long vest but I’m 4’10” so I’m guessing it won’t work, I also like the muscle tank that no one likes so I’m waiting for it to turn into $29 on WMTM and I love the scarf and, although I always buy them, they sit in a folded stack in my closet. I love olive though so I’m hoping to see more long sleeves in that color pop up.

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