WMTM Alert: 9/22/16 (Dottie Tribe WUPs!)

lululemonWMTM Alert

Lulu, why do you have to go and update WMTM as soon as I walk away from my desk for lunch? Rawr. Here’s a rundown while I try to type with one hand and eat with the other, as I race to get this done before I have to run back to work for a class on lithium battery shipping regulations. TV is glamorous.

WMTM Alert! – 9/22/16 Update

Ahhhh I must go or else I’ll be late for class! If you’re ok with fullux, GRAB THOSE DOTTIE TRIBES!


  1. I bought the rosewood hoodie he second it went on markdown in my local store. I loved it at full price. The big difference is being able to cinch the waist. no I don’t work for lululemon lol I seriously love it. Idk why he black and gray went on MD a couple weeks ago and rosewood is only now showing up but I can tell you I have been wearing it ALL THE TIME since I bought it when the temp is 70 or lower. I’m going to wear it all of fall season. I didn’t get black or gray only because I have enough scubas and plain neutral already but the style and cut of this is superb. If it had come in the dark purple that the split crew and hoodie were released in, I might actually pay full price for it. It’s so underrated and the heat here’s pattern they put inside the hood is a nice touch. Anyways I wanted to share my opinion there

    1. I agree with you on the Take Ten! I agonized over getting it in the outlet, but decided not to, since I have enough of the burgundy variations. Would have bought it in a heartbeat in purple or navy.

  2. As usual, I placed an order this afternoon, then read your post, then went to order more. Unfortunately the dottie tribe seems to be sold out now. I’m worried about my earlier vinyasa wrap purchase decision. It looks so pretty on the model. I imagined how cozy it would be for travel or Carolina Hurricanes games, so I bought it.

  3. I swore I wasn’t going to get anything today, the blame lays squarely on your shoulders. :p Got the take ten, the kayak crb and the runderful half zip you didn’t like. They are so great for cold weather running and I wanted another.

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