5 Faves & a Dud: Get Low

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I got a fever. Boots fever… and the only prescription is a drop in temperature so that I can finally make the wardrobe switch over to boots! With some new Sorels coming my way, I cannot wait to traipse around in nothing but boots for the next 6 months. That first day the high temp is below 70 degrees, you know what I’ll be wearing.

Sorel Toronto (Marked down to $72.99 from $180)

Even though new ones run on the pricey side, I can’t help but love Sorel boots. Their designs are stylish, but just quirky enough to keep their edgy look from one season to another. I am 100% okay with buying 2014-2015 designs for this upcoming winter. Thank you kindly to 6pm.com, and someone selling a NWT pair for $45 on Poshmark, for putting an otherwise expensive brand within reach without the credit card debt.

Speaking of expensive brands, on with what you’re here for – lululemon’s latest!

Side note: I am not drinking purple gatorade from a stemless wine glass right now. I am definitely… not… doing… that. Heh.

5 Faves & a Dud – 9/20/16 Upload

Favorite 1: City Trek Trouser Ponte ($128) in black

Just caught myself thinking over the weekend, “we’re due for some new &go pieces” – here we are! Big fan of the tailored lululemon. Between the comfortable tech fabric and a structured look, the rest of the world can easily be tricked into thinking you’re wearing dress pants.

If the Jet Pant is just a bit too casual for you, give these a try. Instead of a drop crotch, we’ve got a zip fly and tailored waistband that helps with that whole “real pants” vibe.

Favorite 2: Rite Time Dress ($128) in black

What is this, Katy’s (Business) Casual Corner this week? Maybe. So far, yes. One thing that I don’t yet have in my wardrobe is a plain fitted black LS dress to wear with Aligns and boots all winter long. I’ve been eyeballing the Pencil Dress by Brass Clothing, wondering if lulu would come out with something similar.

The fabric looks a little thick here, I’m interested to see it in person. The gathering is fun and flattering, but it definitely gives the entire piece a more casual vibe.

Oh, and HIDDEN POCKET IN THE BACK! Bonus points scored, because all women love dresses with pockets.

Favorite 3: Essential Rhythm Crop ($98) in emperor blue

A+ and a Kudos bar to you, model and styling team. You successfully made me want these crops. The catchy lower leg detail on the inside of the calf as opposed to the outside is a welcome change. High rise, flattering cut, pretty pretty jewel tone. Win.

Favorite 4: Wander Pant ($118) in black

I don’t really know if these are necessarily a ‘favorite’ per se, but I feel the need to highlight them. At first I thought, are these just Wunder Unders with a zippy pocket? The product description refers to them as ‘skinny pants that feel like your favorite pair of yoga tights.’

The fabric description is vague. The seams lead me to believe that these are a thicker fabric than your run of the mill tight, but they aren’t luon, luxtreme or nulu. If anyone sees these in store, can you let us all know in the comments section below what they’re like?

Inquiring minds (ok, so I) want to know.

Favorite 5: Get Low Tank ($58) in emperor blue

Not picking this tank because it shares a name with Lil Jon’s breakout hit of 2002. I also did not have Lil Jon as my AIM buddy icon all through college, and I definitely did not program my laptop to say “YEEAAHHH!” in Lil Jon’s voice whenever a new instant message window popped up.

I didn’t do any of that, just as much as I am not drinking gatorade from a wine glass right now.

[Disclaimer: All of those things actually happened and my G2 is almost gone.]

The Dud: Speed Short ($58) in mini diffusion white black/black

You all know that I love me some Speeds. However, what I don’t love about this pattern is that it looks like it was a nice clean herringbone pattern that I continued to wipe my chalky hands all over during a WOD heavy on the pull-ups. I may also be completely sick of lulu’s design department playing the “how many different black & white patterns can we come out with this season?” It’s getting out of control.

What else ya got?

  • The Essential Rhythm line is the capsule of the week. Some criss cross, some mesh, some pants, those crops, a bra… fun, but only the crops stand out to me.
  • FINALLY, some color! It’s barely bright, but it’s just bright enough to not be considered a neutral. Welcome, emperor blue. If you’re on the hunt for a rich hue that’s not too overstated, give the following pieces a try:
  • If you reeeally want to squint and wonder why you bought almost the same exact pants twice, now we’ve got deep indigo Align Pant IIs to confuse you on laundry day.
  • Yikes, the Speed Tight V in power luxtreme spray jacquard white black/black just isn’t doing it for me. With a pattern like that, the seams along the legs need to have more curves. It’s making the poor model’s figure fall flat. Then again, I never did like the awkward half moon seam on Speed Tights. It promotes the pancake butt factor, which isn’t what I’m into. However, I do like pancakes. Anyone up for brunch?
  • Why is deep fuschia happening? Does lulu not remember all the regal plum gear that’s languished on sale racks and in the WMTM section for an excessively long time? Between the Hotty Hot short (and HHS Long) and the new High Times Pant (Rhythm), I don’t anticipate high sales.

I bought boots last week. I didn’t need to buy boots. I need to sit down and think about what I’ve done… aka not purchase any new lulu this week. However, I’m eyeballing that dress for when I feel rich again.

Just going to leave this right here:


  1. Thanks for the video of Get Low 😀 That song was sooooo popular my senior year of high school into my freshman year of college. Ahhh memories (I loved that song).

    Strange to me that regal plum, and probably deep fuchsia, didn’t do so well. Those purply-pinks are so pretty. I have several items in RP, and Raspberry too. I ended up buying the new define jacket in the textured deep fuchsia print. I tried it on in store over the weekend, and it was a winner. And I also bought the Free to Be zen bra in deep fuchsia too. These items might go to MD eventually, but I love them, so I’m gonna pay full price.

  2. I like the mini diffusion pattern. I can roll around on a chalk covered floor during a boot camp wod and not look as dirty as usual. That beig said, that is really the only reason that it appeals. If it weren’t for crossfit, I would not consider buying that pattern at all!

  3. I have the mini diffusion speeds and I find they look totally different in person! I bought them 2 weeks ago when they were uploaded to Canada and HAD to have them. They are much bluer and I think it depends on what one you get and how the pattern lays. The only downside to these is that I don’t find I can match much with them, pretty much navy, black or white. You would think that more colours would go with them but with the pattern and 3 colour mixture it’s harder than it looks. They were cute enough for me to keep though.

  4. Hey Katy, reporting on the Wander pant. It is way thicker than a Wunder Under. The girl said the material had more nylon in it. Looks different in person. The back pocket is more discrete than in the photo. Very comfy feeling but for $128? No.

  5. Heyyy I’m so confused. Lol you check Wmtm? All sizes except sz 4 of the “highly coveted” (I personally didn’t like them) Dottie tribe high times are up for 89$. Feel bad for everyone who paid 150 on Poshmark 🙀

      1. In the USA I see them in both. they don’t show up in search but they’re listed in every size on the website right now. Unless they really sold that fast

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