WMTM Alert: 9/15/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

Possibly jumping the gun here, because some items are showing up twice in my app. This usually means upload is actively happening and will uncrazy itself in the next half hour.

Per your usual Thursday lunch break, cruise the entire lot here. 🙂

Tough to keep up with so many items on MD nowadays, but here’s what’s actually catching my eye:

Nothing for me this week. Perhaps the lack of enthusiasm can be chalked up to the fact that on top of last night’s nail through a tire on my car – I woke up at 4a, couldn’t fall back asleep until 6a, overslept, was late for work and then the espresso machine was broken at work so I’m still decaffeinated (and apparently looking like it too. Thanks, Jesse).



  1. Good news, Friday is ALMOST here. Lol. I’ve been feeling like this in stores : “oh wow pretty swiftly is marked down already!” ….”Wow this came out last week and is marked down already”. Only to have a reality check when I look past the purple FINAL SALE sticker at the price. still more than what the prices were not too long ago. Actually, still more…. Sorry lululemon, but Poshmark and Sephora have been reaping the benefits of my retail therapy spending. The only things I’ve bought new in the last couple months were the urbanite backpack and two swiftlies ONLY because I got a gift card for my birthday. The combination of rising prices and the incredible resale market has me completely I tempted by paying full price for new lulu

    1. Thankfully! As I grabbed a big pile of mail to bring inside at lunch today, I actually gave it a pep talk, begging it to PLEASE not spill all over the porch while I opened the front door, because I knew I was going to cry about it.

      Hopefully lulu realizes that this latest upwards push of price points hasn’t been very successful (as illustrated by the 135+ items currently on sale). If you’re going to increase prices, I expect quality to go up, not down.

      I’m disappointed to report that both pairs of crops I bought at Seawheeze already have loose threads after only wearing 2-3x. =[

  2. Agree with all your sentiments and it isn’t just the LS swiftly but all of those swiftly markdowns are a $1 above the price prior to the price increases so definitely not worth it for me. Went to my local store at lunch and they had a slew of bras all marked down (wait for it) $3! FINAL SALE for a $3 discount. I started laughing out loud and the educator asked me what’s up I pointed out that the discount on the bras was less than our local tax – I’ve noticed that our local stores have fewer deals and more similar prices to the website.

    I think when basics like black bras, speed shorts, etc aren’t moving then a hard look at pricing is in order. The store was full of black and white offerings with just the tiniest bits of color (mostly those jacquard spray printed green and red) – so depressing.

  3. I’m afraid I have to agree. My idea of a markdown is NOT a few dollars more than the actual price was a few months ago. I’m about done. I love you Poshmark and Tradesy.<3

  4. I put the Clear Mint CRB in my cart yesterday, but then decided to come back to it later after I had time to look over the new WMTM. Today, it’s back to full price. I’ve tried closing my browser, clearing the cache, etc. It’s still saying full price. Bummer. I should’ve bought it yesterday. I’ve been waiting forever for it to go on MD.

    1. The CRB did move back to its original page (not WMTM). Try adding the mint CRB to your cart anyway. I did, and it shows up as $29. (I’m in the US.)

    1. Things keep moving in and out of WMTM. It’s a mystery. :o) But if you like the price, once it’s in your cart, have at it!

      1. Thanks for the heads up! I just check my cart again and the price had switched back to $29. I ordered right away this time!!

  5. The same thing happened with the True Red swiftly, only it disappeared completely. Trying to make them look rare perhaps?

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