5 Faves & a Dud: 9/6/16 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Want to know what we did at CrossFit the other day? ALL THE DOUBLE UNDERS. Try this WOD on for size:

200 Double Unders
25 T2B
15 Power Snatches (65lb)
150 Double Unders
20 T2B
12 Power Snatches (65lb)
100 Double Unders
15 T2B
9 Power Snatches (65lb)

The GOOD: I managed to PR my unbroken dubs, doing 119 in a row! (Prev PR: 104 unbroken)

The BAD: The kip on my toes-to-bar seems to be on vacation. TBD when it’s planning on coming back to me.

Although socially uneventful, I took advantage of the long weekend at home and managed to be VERY productive around the house. It seems to have cured my post-Seawheeze lack of motivation, because not one moment all day long did I dread working out. Hooray!

An attempt to tinker with lighting in my extra room at home for the purpose of taking photos to sell more old lulu online led to not so much photos of clothes and a lot of me hamming it up. SAY CHEESE.

Admit… you totally do this too. The rest of you just have the common sense to keep it a secret. Then I opened up Snapchat.

I wish those jewel glasses were real.

I was rambling. Upload was late on Tuesday. If anyone’s interested in TMI, I bought the paisley underwear this past weekend.

Coming back to finish out this post with the top 5 from Tuesday. Lezzgo!

5 Faves & a Dud – 9/6/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Energy Bra *Nulux ($52) in marbled mix energy bra white black

While I do enjoy the monochromatic schemes, the lack of color in previous uploads is starting to concern me. Is all the dye stuck at sea on a Hanjin ship? Nevertheless, this wave pattern is pretty snappy. Because of the contrast in the pattern and how thin the straps are on this bra, it makes for a fun look in back. As for this Nulux stuff, I have yet to put my hands on any. Does anyone out there who has have a strong opinion on it either way?

Favorite #2: High Times Pant ($98) in antique paisley deep fuschia black

I have no idea where I’d wear these, but the black and fuschia just go together so nicely. It’s tough not to perpetually add to the High Times collection, given how well they fit me. Heart emoji. <3

Favorite #3: Free to Be Bra (Wild) ($48) in true red

The true red uploads seem to be slowing down, but it’s a beautiful color. Snap up all the basics in this shade while you still can. Gotta plan ahead for the Halloween WOD when you decide to dress up like the Kool-Aid man! OHHH YEAAAAHHHH!

Favorite #4: Rush Hour 21″ Crop ($88) in power luxtreme spray jacquard sapphire blue black

Tried these on the other day, and really liked the feel of them. This is one of the new knit patterns, which makes the fabric a bit thicker than a luon or luxtreme print. The single drawback is the minimal pocket situation, with only the two zip pockets on the sides of the legs.

Aside from that, flattering! These pants make me look less fluffy than I’ve been feeling lately. It’s a nice helping of that lululemon magic that drew me into the brand in the first place.

Favorite #5: Speed Short ($58) in marbled mix speed short white black/black

Fun speeds! Picking these over the new lacy patterns, because lace just doesn’t scream ‘fitness badassery’ to me. Don’t get me wrong, they’re cute and all, but I just want to keep calm and ride a few waves.

The Dud: Split Short Sleeve ($98) in heathered light grey

Awwww… how cute, this super expensive pillow case has a head hole and sleeves.


  1. What jump rope do you use to get so many dubz in a row? I have an Rx jump rope, and my arms get tired after about 50. Thinking of getting an rpm due to the slimmer handle.

  2. Hi Samantha! For all the gear snobbery that exists in the CrossFit world (I mean seriously, I write a blog about spandex), there’s one piece of equipment that I believe is a total waste of money: designer jump ropes.

    I’m a big advocate for adjustable jump ropes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of someone measuring themselves to the pits for a $40 rope, only to have it come in and be just a little bit off.

    Mine’s just a standard rope from Amazon, it set me back less than $10, it comes in a bazillion color choices and I am happy as a clam with it!


    Hope this helps! 🙂

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