WMTM: Recent & Decent

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Last week while I was on the golf course, lulu did an end of summer dump of a lot of items into WMTM. The item count didn’t go up too much today, but here’s some of the stuff that you may want to add to your wardrobe, if you’re into things like single-digit markdowns.

BACK IN THE DAY, a pair of Speeds on WMTM went for $34. What is this $49 haberdashery?

WMTM: Recent & Decent

  • What the Sport Tee – These are a warm-weather go to for work when I’m out in the field.
  • Belle Jacket – was this not *just* released?
  • Boogie Short Roll-Down – excelente for wearing around the house. Lame that they’re asking $39 online, I got mine for $29 in store.
  • Cool Racerback – Get ’em while they still exist!
  • Zen Bender LS – I think I actually bought this, and then returned it once the harbor blue Sunaway Runaway LS came out a week later. Speaking of…
  • Sunaway Runaway LS – harbor blue! <3
  • Sculpt Tank – Caspian blue! So pretty.
  • Namastay Put Thong – Single digit price tag!
  • Getaway Romper – with summer over, I am hovering over the purchase button. I can think of multiple times I’d have worn this over the summer, but you can’t always predict if you’ll want it 10 months from now when the weather warms up again. The Final Sale designation is just so taunting.
  • Pace Rival Skirt II in white (also available in Tall) – US Open fever is around for just a couple more days. Get it, you tennis playing readers!
  • &Go Endeavor Dress – If this was available in my size, I’d have snagged it. Tried it on in NYC this spring, loved it. Just didn’t love the price tag.
  • Om Pant – another almost, but not quite! These have been on sale for a while now.
  • Run Stuff Your Bra III – comfortable and useful.
  • Sunaway Runaway Half Zip – Tried one on earlier this year, and liked the fit. Essentially a Water-Bound Hoodie minus the hood. Keeps you protected from the sun without making you sweat.
  • Oh, and the Water Bound Hoodie is also marked down. Win.
  • Swiftly Tech LS Crew – Neon pink. How do you all not own this? I do, and it’s one of my favorite colors.
  • Define Jacket – 5 color options

The blue Sunaway Runaway LS and that Romper. Trying to resist!!!


  1. OT but *kind of* related, cuz it’s LLL online: the website has been screwy for at least 24 hrs.
    The “swim tops” are under “bras” in tops. (Swim is also under swim). With no bras to be found. (Ok, I didn’t search everywhere!)
    Furthermore, there is no way (that I can see) to contact LLL online to say: YO! Yer website is messed up! But it does give the option to post on “hey LLL” πŸ˜‰ Anyone see what I’m (not) seeing?!?

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