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Oh hai Internet! Given that upload was late tonight, here’s some intel on one of last week’s faves. It’s on the late side here on the East Coast, so 5 Faves & a Dud will be up tomorrow. ZzZzZz… but in the meantime, check it all out here and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Maybe our Faves & Duds will match! 🙂

This past weekend, I went into lulu in search of a hat and some underpants. What did I walk out with? A hat, some underpants and the Outrun Tight. For as much trouble as I’ve been finding the perfect lulu pant for action, not lounging, I’ve finally found a friend in first the Outrun Crop, and now its longer sister, the Outrun Tight.

The Fitting Room: Outrun Tight ($118) in black

NOTE: I am 5’9″ and am wearing my TTS 10 in the photos below. Also, some of the skin coloring may look super artificially orange. Photos have been lightened so that the details of the black tights are more visible.

THE FIT: I had a bit of a Cinderella moment when I pulled these on. I haven’t had much luck with lulu’s more technical/functional pants in the past. Come to think of it, ALL of my full-length lululemon pants are meant for yoga and lounging.

These are the first pair that I’ve bought that I’m willing to grind through a workout it, which played a big part in my decision to purchase them. Also, the rise is high! Another check in the ‘pro’ column.

LENGTH: Some of lulu’s pants tend to be excessively long, which I don’t mind. You can always take advantage of the free hemming if you’re a shorter shopper, but you can’t add length for us tall ladies. I’m happy to report that these tights were a perfect ankle length on me. Is this what the High Times feel like on the 5’4″ and under population? 😛

POCKET SITUATION: This is where the Outrun beats out all of its predecessors. Pockets galore. Multiples in the waistband, 2 layers of leg pockets. So many places to stash. Plus, with the extra fabric to create the multi-layer pockets on the legs, there’s more compression than you’d expect from luxtreme and a bit of a coziness factor that will take us all into the cooler temps of fall.

DETAILS: It’s a small detail, but the cinch of fabric above the butt is rather flattering. As mentioned above, the plentiful pockets make these a great piece to wear for cool weather races. There’s  mesh detail on the lower leg that looks a bit like the Inspire Tight in the front, and the mesh area expands on the back of the leg. Enough to keep those knee-pits all easy breezy. Typical of lululemon, the stitching creates some flattering lines as well.

THE VERDICT: Hi there, folks… Captain Obvious here. Katy bought the pants. She recommends you take a pair into the fitting room and see if they work for you too. Could be the start of something good.


  1. Just ordered these to try in the jacquard and I’m having a really hard time convincing myself to return them as planned. They’re a perfect full length tight on my 5′-0″ frame, and not sheer in a bend to boot!

      1. I also tried them in the purple, which WERE sheer in a bend, but I have a bigger booty than most, so that may be a factor.

        I’m having trouble figuring out whether I’ll get much use out of the combo of thicker jacquard fabric + more mesh vents than normal. It’s an odd combination, as far as temperatures go.

  2. Curious how they’ve held up after a few wears? The reviews have me a bit worried about wear and tear. Thank you!

    1. Hi! I just took the tags off on Saturday, and I haven’t put them through a true workout, unless you call “sitting on the couch watching Bojack Horseman” exercise. I’ll let you know once they go through the wash a few times!!

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! And yes, sometimes dismissing the ‘are you still watching’ Netflix prompt counts as exertion aka exercise.

      2. I’m curious as well, I returned the pair I ordered but have been thinking of purchasing the crop in one of the patterns.

    1. Hi! I tend to wear Speed Shorts unless there’s running in the WOD (bass ackwards logic, I know) but for actual crops or pants, I tend to wear an old pair of Illumina Crops or the Pace Rival’s older sister, the Inspire Crops, the most. While they’re cute and comfy, high waisted pants and crops like High Times or WUCs are hit or miss. Too much vigorous activity and they may not stay up. I recently snagged some Sun Runner and Run with the Sun Crops this summer, which have performed well for me. I’ll only wear them on days I don’t plan to use my knee sleeves. Hope that helps!

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