lululemonWMTM Alert

WHOA… somehow like 30 items got added overnight. Currently 157 items listed in WMTM and only 125 were there yesterday. #surprise

Unusual timing, but who cares, check it all out here!

WMTM Alert – 8/9/16

Have at it, lulu fiends! I shall abstain given that I’ll be fighting tooth & nail at the Seawheeze showcase store in just 3 days time (holy sh*t that’s soon).

See you back here later tonight for your regularly scheduled upload-related ramblings!

Lunch break is over, back into the cubicle I go. To the USPS, dude where are my new running shoes? 🙁


  1. The lace crbs had multiple sizes replenished! I grabbed the black one in size 4. Hoping this will be a nice basic for my wardrobe

  2. i was in the process of getting the bali breeze crb, and then right after i clicked the ok to purchase button, it went out of stock. darnit. 😀

    i ended up w/ 2 the towels, but havent gotten a ship notice yet…

  3. Towel, visor, and studio pant were removed from my cart during checkout. Got the bali breeze lace crb and a couple of hats. Of course, the one day I’m not randomly stalking WMTM is the day of the big drop!

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