5 Faves & a Dud – 8/9/16 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

The motivation level in my mind is like the limit at the Mathletes’ last competition in Mean Girls.

It does not exist. I’m literally sitting here typing while IN my new running shoes and flip belt, all ready to go for a run before upload. Yet, I then run my hands through my ponytail and think ooohhh but it’s so nice and straight and soft and don’t want to mess it all up by getting sweaty. This is why I’m not going to PR Seawheeze.HalfAssed

Half-assed effort yields half-assed results. Not wanting to blow off CrossFit entirely for the summer to train for this weekend’s half marathon, I tried to keep one foot in each pool. You can’t swim anywhere if you’re straddling 2 pools.

It dawned on me yesterday while getting my ass handed to me by some wind-sprints and a WOD that included 11 Ring Rows, 15 OHS (65lbs) and 50 DUs per round, that I am falling incredibly short of realizing my potential at CrossFit lately too.

We already know that I won’t be putting in any sort of impressive time at SW, and lately I’ve been completely mediocre at best when it comes to CrossFit. As excited as I am for this weekend’s overall #YogaRunParty experience, I’ll be happy to have the race in the rearview mirror and put the feeling of obligation to run (aka CrossFit guilt) to bed.

On a less “woe is me I suck at everything” vibe, woe is me because the Circuit Breaker Skirt (Tall) in true red that I featured last week SOLD OUT before I could find one in store to try on!

When something sells out, the desktop website still shows the item’s page, but there is no option to check store inventory like there is in the app. Unfortunately, when an item sells out it disappears from the mobile app entirely, so using the inventory function is no longer an option. Sad face.

SO MUCH RAMBLING I AM DOING TODAY. GAH. Last night I actually had to shut myself up and hang up the phone with one of my friends, because I started to realize I was talking myself in meaningless circles… much like I’m doing right now. Friends who let you figure out on your own that you’re an idiot are great people to have in your life. What an exercise in self-awareness.

5 Faves & a Dud – 8/9/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Outrun 17″ Crop ($98) in true red

Kitty meme. Cute little kitty meme. Cute little kitty meme that says I WANT DIS. While not normally someone for brighter colors on the bottom (cough cough cellulite shadows), this true red is just too good to pass up. While the designs with shorter inseams aren’t a favorite on some, in a bass ackwards turn events for a taller girl like me, I like how they stay out of my calves’ way! I hope these stay in stock long enough for me to order and have them delivered at home once I’m back from the Seawheeze trip. Or I hope they have them in Canada.

Perhaps I should have learned my lesson from the sold out Circuit Breaker Skirt situation of last week and should order these now.

But on the flip side… in about 60 hours I’ll be at the Seawheeze store trying not to buy a mortgage payment worth of gym clothes.

But on the backside… that cute ruching detail above the butt!

I’m so noncommittal.

Favorite #2: Energy Bra ($52) in mini splatter white black

Liking the mini splatter white black in a big way. From far off, it looks like glitter, much akin to the 2014 Black Friday lulu SE gear that channeled the look of round sequins. While that gear didn’t exactly sell too well, perhaps this finer-textured print will garner a new wave of fans. I’m down.

Favorite #3: Yin Time LS ($98) in heathered bordeaux drama

Today, I went to the liquor store.

…My Mom just called. 47 minutes later my train of thought has derailed. I think I was going to tie in liquor store trip with the fact that fall beers were on the shelf and this top makes me think fall. If I didn’t have some super fun PTO planned in August, then I’d tell September to hurry the f up. I like this sweater, even though it’s 90 degrees out.

Favorite #4: Sculpt Tank ($58) in true red

I’m such a sucker for primary colors and styles that hide the fact that I ate an enchilada for dinner. In my defense, it was a homemade enchilada… that my boss made. He’s an amazing chef, and getting his leftovers from the night before is like hitting a culinary jackpot.

Oh, and I’m wearing a Sculpt Tank right now. My story checks out.

Favorite #5: Run Stuff Your Bra Long Line ($58) in mini splatter white black/black

The long line bras never look quite as good on me as I hope they will, but I still hope time and again that one day they actually will. Maybe if I just gave up beer & cookies. Yeah, right. See section above about half-assed efforts yielding half-assed results. I think I hear a lemon Oreo thin calling my name.

Was Gonna Be a Dud Until I Realized I Kind of Like Them: Take Ten 7/8 Pant ($98) in heathered mod medium grey

Michael Phelps just won his 20th gold medal. I ate 20 goldfish crackers today. We’re the same age. What the hell have I done with my life? Avoided buying these gym teacher pants. I’m sure they’re soft as anything, but I know enough that these would NOT work with my body.

Now that I go to save the photos to add into this section, now I have second thoughts. Do I like these? Maybe I do. Now that I see the photo of them bunched up a little with the cuff closer to the calf. GEEZ, why can’t I make up my mind this week?!

The Actual Dud: Totes Light Jacket ($118) in white

See-through jacket I do not understand you. Hello overachieving plastic rain poncho.

Other Stuff You May Want to Spend Money On


Oh, and in the time it took between writing that thing about Phelps’ 20th gold medal and finishing this article, he won his 21st. It’s like he has those things for breakfast daily.


  1. I have the take ten pants. I freaking love them. They fit like base runner pants but without the stuff I don’t like about my base runners. The pockets stay down and don’t make me look poofy, the waist stays flat, and they aren’t going to pill (I hope), or collect lint. The zipper pockets are nice. My base runners are now $98 pajama pants. Some of the reviews say size up, but I went tts 8.

    1. After all that rambling, I think I may actually head to my local store after work and give a pair a try! If I’m going to spend 12 hours on a plane getting to Vancouver, I may as well be comfortable.

  2. The True Red Out Run crops are in the Robson street store. I was so tempted to grab them but I wanted to save for SeaWheeze. They really are beautiful.

    1. My local store did NOT get any. However, thanks to the awesome lulu & Seawheeze social media teams over on Twitter, they’re going to help make sure a pair in my size is set aside to pick up in Vancouver so I’ll have them in time for the big race! <3

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