WMTM Alert! – 7/28/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

Just a small peanuts update today (so far), given the massive WMTM drop that happened last week, with a bonus round on Friday. Here’s what I’m noticing in my “agh I haven’t eaten lunch yet but I wanna get this done before I run downstairs and eat” tizzy.

WMTM Alert! – 7/28/16 Upload

Hmmmmmm… nothing for me today. Busy obsessing over Seawheeze. GAH!


  1. Snatched the mini ripple white seal grey h20 energy bra and the cape red crb. I’m really trying to be chill about the whole “possibility of the crb being discontinued” debacle.

    1. I think the fact that I own at least 15 of them is helping me ‘chill’. It took them a full year of threatening to discontinue the Inspire Crops before they actually stopped uploading new colours, so hopefully we will get a few more good ones before the craziness happens.

      If only they’d bring back the Light as Air Hipster, I’d be a happy girl.

  2. i got the shell pinnk & cape red crbs. i decided to hoard because of that rumor (here’s hoping it’s a rumor) that it is going to be discontinued. the travesty!

      1. i think with the last 2 purchases i made, im pretty much set for crbs. it would suck if that rumor was true but eh…. something else always comes along. 🙂

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