Preview: Seawheeze 2016 Exclusives


The previews of the exclusive Seawheeze gear for 2016 is here and it… is… underwhelming at best.

It’s like my bad dream from the other night came true. Almost everything shown below is tightly laced with black. What happened to fun pops of color and brights mixed together? Color blocks, fun patterns, big contrasting stripes?

Because the pattern du jour is so fine, the bright colors get lost in such an abundance of black.

Every year, Seawheeze has put out such a positive, happy vibe and the bright colors and patterns have always reflected that mood when it came to the exclusive merch. This year, everything has just been a bit dark and twisty… very uncharacteristic of lululemon.

Women’s Gear


Men’s Gear


I really hope this isn’t the entire selection. The exclusive merch was my glimmer of hope, and I was still excited for things to change after the official training shorts were such a disappointment. I still have the tags on mine.

It’s upsetting to see that the same pattern infected so much of the showcase gear. I know that the items previewed last year were not a comprehensive overview of all the gear that ended up being on sale, so I really, REALLY hope that the in-person selection is better than what we are seeing here.

Ugh. Not thrilled. Hopefully it will grow on me.

Thoughts? Commiseration and/or optimism welcome in the comments section. Suddenly I’m not so sure I’ll be waking up at 3am to shop.


  1. I like the swiftly tank from the first picture and the jacket from the second… and that’s it. That bag looks terrible and most of the collection reminds me of a weird mashup between Nike and UA prints.

  2. Ha ha….I thought the same thing of the items last year (snore)….but….I still got up at 5 (my friend and I stupidly thought that was early enough…morons we were), I waited in the line (she left) around the Vancouver Convention Centre and watched the sun come up and ships roll in, I was in the store by 11 and still managed to drop $200 (I made myself put back items like the bug jacket [I’m not even a fan of the Miss misty jacket]….I did not need upwards of 10 sea wheeze things).

    You’re right to treat it as “an experience” cause it is. There is so much to do and see. Other than Sea Wheeze there’s gas town and broadway and the lab.

    You will have a blast….I wish I hadn’t forgot to register last year for this year….oh well.

    Enjoy the fun and take lots of photos on your run….I still look back at those and laugh….like for example…the band on a barge in the misty rain along the sea wall….it was a sight to see!

    *Also 3am will likely still yield waiting at least half way around the convention centre….there were goofs that slept at the building all night and left Fairmont hotel pillows, duvets, restaurant chair cushions etc outside by the garbage while they were in the store….hopeless humans we live amongst.

    1. You’re not the first to mention the trash! Shannon (who wrote a Seawheeze recap for L&TB last year) mentioned the same thing in her post!

      I’ll bring a book, an extra phone battery, a blanket and one of my best friends (if she’s up to entertaining my retail habit) and hope for the best! 😀

      1. Good plan! You’re set! Have fun! It really doesn’t matter what the store ends up being but it sure is a fun experience waiting. Like I said the ships come in, the sun comes up and everyone is gabbing and eager to see what awaits. Eeeeeee! SO exciting!!!! 🙂

  3. The jacket in picture number 2 is the most interesting. Everything else is BLAH. I’m sure you will still have a blast! Good luck!

  4. I’m with you. Though I love the duffle so unless it sells out before I get there, that will be coming home with me. Last year I didn’t like much, still bought a few things, and really never wore any of it. So this year I’ll get one shirt (I don’t wear shorts so those are useless race mementos for me) unless there’s stuff not pictured that wow me.

    And yeah, I got there a little before 6am last year and still waited for over 3 hours. I’ll do it again though because that was part of the fun!

  5. It doesn’t help that they styled the photos with the same color background as the merch.
    A complementary background color (i.e. Opposite on the color wheel) would make at least a few things pop. Don’t know what they’re thinking…..

    1. It’s just so dark and twisty! I guess this may seem alright in the fall/winter, but it’s a summer race. The one piece that I really had FOMO about last year was the pink/orange color blocked LS. I see nothing like that in this preview. I really hope there are fun items available without the swirly fingerprints all over.

      If they swirled together multiple colors, like a pink/orange or green/blue, that would actually look pretty cool.

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