5 Faves & a Dud: So Wet Right Now

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Whoever invented the concept of melted cheese on tortilla chips, I love you. Lord Nacho, you have made a significant and commendable contribution to society, regardless of how bastardized your invention has become in various convenience stores, stadiums and concert venues. I am currently snacking on some extra sharp cheddar melted onto Trader Joe’s quinoa & black bean tortilla chips and thoroughly enjoying my evening.

This week marks the second WAVE of swimwear to crash into us this season… see what I did there? 😀 Hardy har har. I crack myself up. Crack. That is not a chip joke.

Opening up the What’s New page today, it was a slow scrollin’ start. I was worried that I wasn’t going to find 5 to like, and then SWIM HAPPENED. I want all the water fun things. Water. Wet. My sense of humor at this moment in time indicates that I’m a 13 year-old boy.

All cinco of this week’s picks you can be shoved into a pool while wearing and be the prettiest girl on the block.

5 Faves & a Dud – 5/17/16 Upload

(All day long I’ve wanted to type that it’s 2019. WTF.)

Favorite #1: Perf-ect Paddle Suit ($118) in black

WordPress, where’s the keyboard shortcut for the emoji with hearts for eyes? I need that right now.

Favorite #2: Surf to Sand Sport Top II ($58) in black

Can you all please not buy this in a black size 8 or 10 so that it will go on markdown and I can have it for less than $58? Thanks.

Favorite #3: Strappy Back One Piece ($118) in checked out white black/black

Normally, I’m not down with the one-piece swimsuits. However, lulu seems to come up with one or two each year that still seems to cover up those ladies who don’t want to let it all hang out while still keeping it fun and cute. Also available in black.

Favorite #4: Go With the Flow (High Waist) ($64) in black/tofino teal

Eating past words by making this pick. I’ve never ever thought high waisted swim bottoms were a good idea, but the mesh stripes for some reason change the game. Seal. of. Approval.

Favorite #5: Energy Bra *h20 ($58) in grapefruit

Go for a long training run. Jump in pool to cool off. Do not pass go or collect $200. Perhaps collect cute tan lines in back. It happens.

The Dud: Hotty Hot Short *Long ($58) in freckle flower white seal grey/seal grey

Frumpy fabric. White is crisp and clean. Freckly flowers not so much. You all thought I was going to pick the onesie, didn’t you?

Honorable Mention: All Sport Bra III ($58) in flash light

Do the Second Chance Dance: Cool Racerback ($42) in heathered slate

If you’re kicking yourself for missing this fairly quick sellout last year, you’re in luck. Grab it now before you kick yourself in the other shin and have matching bruises 1 year apart.

Now, before I move on to picking through the rest of the new gear this week, I must take a quick sappy intermission to say THANK YOU. Last week was not my favorite week, in fact, it kicked my ass pretty hard. However, in the wise words of Eddie Vedder, I’m still alive.

Comments section, thank you for being so nice to me when I wasn’t feeling all that nice about myself just 7 days ago. Your kind words meant the world. 🙂

//END SAPPY. Can’t let the interwebosphere think I’m going soft.

I want ice cream. I’ll come back and update with more notes later. Haagen Dazs is singing its siren song from my freezer and I must oblige.


  1. yeah, youre still alive! its a fact – women are strong.

    onto upload comments – i want that one piece. ive not bought a swimsuit in years, mostly because ive not had a vacation in years. but plans abound this year, and my old suits are too big…. it just may be time to treat myself. 🙂

    and yas! i have the crb in heathered slate – a def fave! 🙂

  2. Hotty hot shorts may not be attractive but they’re the comfiest shorts ever to grace my bum. I’m pretty cheap but splurged on these on md just to sleep and lounge in.

  3. We love you! Thank you for all that you do. Also, the heathered slate CRB is THE BEST and everyone needs one. Its beautiful and shimmery in the most wonderful way, and SO soft. Get it gals!

  4. YAY! Can we be mean again? 😉 Thanks for the update. I am not ready for swimwear (Will I ever be?) so I got nothing. Then there’s also that spend no money until SeaWheeze thing.

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