UI Gets a Makeover


As if this week weren’t batsh*t crazy exhausting in its own right, first instagram had to go fugly up its logo and UI. Now lululemon is following suit, first with their app and now with their desktop site.

I CAN’T. I just can’t. Normally I’d call BS on the whole astrology mercury in retrograde thing, but this has been one fcked up week and I am scrambling for something to explain it all. So, I’m throwing the penalty flag down and calling it celestial interference.

Here are a few screenshots, or you can check out the madness for yourself.


  1. I’m so surprised at the negative response! The new website is really clean and luxury looking to me. The pictures are actually USEFUL finally as you can see the details of the clothes. I really like it!

  2. New website is terrible. Whoever designed it clearly doesn’t understand what people want when they go shopping. I don’t want to see just ONE color option when I look at clothes, and I HATE the clothes without the model. It looks weird and the models sell the clothing so well. Ugh. Thanks for ruining a good thing lululemon…

  3. I like to see how long a crop or pant fall on the model before I click on it to see the details. I also like to see if a shirt is poofy, will make me look pregnant, is too fitted, too low cut for me… so many things Iike to see on a model before clicking through. Then, I like to see if my size is available in the colors, and for things like swiftlys with 100 million colors, I liked being able to click on my size and have the colors available not crossed off. Now I have to click. through. every. blessed. one. I don’t like it at all. I have gone to the site numerous time to look at crops for summer, and ended up getting side tracked by something else.

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